Lunchtime News Thursday 11th March 2021


Covid - French Health Minister Olivier Véran will hold the weekly press conference at 6pm this evening to take stock of the current health situation in France.

This morning it’s been reported that the British variant is very present in both North eastern France and Corsica with more than four out of five tests (83.8%) carried out in the department of the Aube last week showing the presence of the British variant, that’s more than the national average where the strain represents 65.8% of the positive cases detected. And in Corsica, the British variant was identified last week in 81.2% of tests screened in Corse-du-Sud and in more than 70% of tests in Haute-Corse.

The British variant is not only more contagious but also 64% more deadly than the classic coronavirus, according to an English study published on Wednesday in the medical journal the BMJ, which confirms initial observations made at the end of January. For 1,000 cases detected, the British variant causes 4.1 deaths, compared to 2.5 for the classic coronavirus.

23 departments in France are currently under "enhanced surveillance" with the list looking likely to increase in the coming days.

5G to be in Paris in the coming days - Speaking on French radio this morning Thursday 11th March, the boss of Orange Stéphane Richard, has announced that the 5G will be available in Paris "in the coming days". The announcement comes the day after the vote by the Council of Paris of a charter for its availability in the capital. The right voted for, but the elected ecologists, voted against. Opponents of 5G are worried about the health risk that the waves would pose to the population and denounce a useless technology that does not meet the real needs of society. According to Stéphane Richard, Orange has the first positive feedback from consumers switched to 5G. User satisfaction "is on average twice as high on 5G" as on 4G, he said.  

Auction - The auction of administrative vehicles continues in the Principality until noon on Friday, March 19th. In addition to four wheeled vehicles which start at thirty euros, the price of two wheeled vehicles, bicycles and lost objects starts at fifteen euros. The models presented are visible until Friday, March 12th, between 12pm and 3pm at the administrative pound located in the car park at 3, rue des Guelfes.

As a reminder, the State of Monaco gives no guarantee on the working condition of the vehicles and will in no case reimburse purchases regardless of the reason.

Connected buoys - A company based in Toulon has created a connected buoy allowing authorities to know precisely the number of boats moored in an area and to better fight against illegal moorings.

For certain areas of the Var and the Côte-d'Azur, the number of moored boats sometimes greatly exceeds the number of authorized berths especially during the summer season.

To find a solution to the problem and for the harbor head offices, a Toulon company, System factory Toulon Var technologies, has designed a connected buoy that allows you to detect when a boat has moored there. This technology also offers the user the possibility of registering directly with the harbor head office. All you have to do is flash a QR code which allows you to fill in information and pay online.

Stéphane Claisse, director of System factory Toulon Var technologies says that "the new bouys will change everything. It is about the preservation of our coastline. With the connected buoys, we will know the number of boats present on the coast. For payments, it will be much easier. It will improve the entire administration”.

Delivreznoo -  A new platform “Delivreznoo” is allowing artists to continue to meet their audience, in small groups. The concept has been invented by a concert hall in Toulouse, Le Bijou and is for some “a godsend for artists tired of virtual concerts”. The service, from 5 euros, is reserved on the Delivreznoo site. You just need to choose a time slot for a singer to show up.

And Finally 

An amusing list has emerged of the 'subtle traits' that define Australian culture - including saying 'nah I'm good' instead of 'no' and checking for spiders hidden inside shoes before putting them on. The most commonly mentioned features of culture Down Under included Aussie slang, drinking beer out of a shoe and running from aggressive swooping magpies every spring.

Many pointed out Australians have unusual phrases instead of giving a straight answer or response, baffling people around the world. 

Saying "legend" instead of "thank you",and replying to texts with "nah I'm good" instead of "no".'





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