Lunchtime News Monday July 6th 2020

Road toll - Fresh accident statistics for last week show that there were two deaths and 21 injuries on the region’s roads. There were fatal accidents in Nice and in the Var as well as a number of serious injuries in both departments. Authorities are promising increased road checks over the summer period and have pledged to crack down on dangerous drivers. Several new generation speed cameras are due to come online before the end of the year.

Plans for Nice - The Mayor of Nice has announced a number of projects for his third term in office including the demolition of the Acropolis conference centre and the TNN National Theatre complex. Christian Estrosi wants to pursue his agenda of creating more green space in the city centre despite widespread opposition and calls for a local referendum on the issue. The Mayor has also pledged that the new National Market at La Baronne will be completed by 2022 and that new police headquarters will be constructed on the site of the old St Roch hospital.

Tourists - The first summer holiday tourists have been arriving in the south of France as the region looks to make up lost revenue stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Tourism officials say that the vast majority of visitors so far are French nationals from other parts of the country but that there are also a sizeable number of Italian, Swiss and German visitors. British tourists are expected to start to arrive from Friday onwards once travel restrictions to and from England are lifted.


National News

Macron - President Macron will address the nation in a televised speech on the 14th of July. Mr Macron will “probably take questions” from a select number of journalists during which he’ll set out his programme for the final two years of his presidency. The new French Prime Minister Jean Castex who’s unveiling his new ministerial team during the course of this afternoon will address the nation “in the coming days” after the 14th of July according to Matignon. The first meeting of the new cabinet is due to take place on Wednesday. Environmental issues are expected to be at the forefront of the government’s objectives following the strong showing of the Green Party at the local elections. Edouard Philippe’s resignation as Prime Minister last Friday is being seen as a risky political move by Mr Macron who may end up facing him as a rival for the Presidency at the next election in 2022.

Be vigilant - With the summer holiday period underway, authorities are advising people to make sure that property is secure before setting off. All doors and windows should be properly locked and people are advised to inform a neighbour that they are going away. Local police can also be informed and they’ll include registered properties on daily patrols. There are also warnings not to post holiday photographs to social media or include your address as it’s an open invitation to burglars.

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