Lunchtime News.Monday July 27th 2020

Watch out ,Watch out ! Thieves are operating up and down the Cote d’Azur as usual during the summer months with beaches ,restaurant terraces and property among favourite targets.

The public is advised not to take valuables to the beach and to always make sure that belongings are watched while swimming.

You should never leave your mobile phone or wallet on display while enjoying a meal or drink on a bar or restaurant terrace and people are advised to make sure that villas and apartments are properly locked-even if you are in residence at the time.

For people living in ground floor or first floor apartments ,the advice is to close windows and doors at night despite the heat to dissuade unwelcome visitors.

Police up and down the coast are reporting numerous cases of theft or burglary daily.


Murder-A 20 year old man is to appear in court today charged with the murder of a 26 year old who was found dead in an underground car park in the Ariane district on Saturday morning.He’d been stabbed 6 times.

The murder came as the French Prime Minister was in Nice on Saturday to announce a new plan of action to crack down on violent crime.

Investigators say that the murder was the result of a fight between the two men and could have been drug related.


Walk like a man ? Authorities are clamping down on antisocial behaviour and issuing fines to men who walk around in towns without a shirt on.

The Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard issued a “zero tolerance” warning last week with fines issued for a range of antisocial offences which also include littering and noise pollution.

In the Var ,the Mayor of Sainte- Maxime has announced a crackdown on antisocial behaviour starting from today.



Parking meter fraud-Police in Draguignan are warning about parking meter fraud in the town which has seen a number of victims over the past week.

Thieves are reported to be targeting elderly people who have trouble using the meters which require the number plate to be entered with a credit card payment.

Several victims have had their cards stolen by thieves who offer to “help”, then note down the 4 pin code when it is entered into the parking meter and then go and withdraw cash.

Card skimmers are also reported to have been working the area.

Police warn people to take extra care and to refuse help from bystanders.

Most of the machines accept cash too so it’s a good idea to keep a few coins in your vehicle.


In National News.


Heatwave-France has been placed on a heatwave alert with some parts of the south of the country expected to get temperatures of 40 degrees this afternoon.

11 departments in the south west have been placed on a heatwave alert and temperatures in cities such as Toulouse and Bordeaux are expected to reach 35 degrees.

The hot weather is being generated by a rapid anticyclonic push with temperatures nationwide on average 9 degrees warmer than on Sunday.

A cool air mass is expected to bring temperatures down tomorrow but the mercury is forecast to rise again towards the end of the week with highs of 38-39 degrees in places.


Murder-An American man has been arrested at Toulouse Airport while trying to flee France after allegedly killing his wife.

The dismembered remains of 52 year old French national Laure Kruger were found in a drain near the couple’s holiday home at Peyriac-sur-Mer on the French Atlantic coast .

Reports say that the man,who was attempting to board a flight to Indonesia has confessed to the murder.

So far this year there have been some 40 femicides in France according to the AFP news agency.

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