Lunchtime News Monday 24th May 2021


Covid vaccination open to “priority professionals” - From today in France “priority professionals” will be able to be vaccinated against covid. Initially scheduled for June 15th, the official opening to all adults of the vaccination against Covid-19 will finally take place on May 31st. But some priority professionals have access to it as of today Monday, May 24th. 

Here is the list:

Teachers from schools, colleges, high schools.

Specialized regional nursery school agents (ATSEM).

Agents in contact with students in schools, colleges, high schools, universities (including extracurricular agents and school catering agents).

Support persons for students with disabilities (AESH).

Early childhood professionals (including childminders) and family assistants.

Youth legal protection professionals and employees and teachers of sports halls.

Child protection professionals and emergency accommodation professionals.

National and municipal police, security officers and prison supervisors and staff.

Customs officers.

Bus drivers.

The personnel on board the ferry and river shuttle.

Short-haul drivers, postmen and deliverers.

Taxi and VTC drivers.

Public transport controllers.

Seafarers and maritime and airline personnel traveling to countries at risk.

Driving license inspectors.

Cleaning and maintenance agents.

Waste collection agents, garbage collectors, waste sorting center agents, treatment center employees and sewer workers.

Operators of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants and maintenance workers of drinking water and sanitation networks.

Employees and entrepreneurs of food stores: cashiers, self-service employees, food vendors including butchers, pork butchers, caterers, bakers, pastry chefs.

Workers in the food industry (including fish wholesalers).


Employees and entrepreneurs in the hotels, cafes and restaurants sector.

Professionals in funeral and mortuary services.

Veterinary public health inspectors.

Labor inspection control officers.

Event workers.

European Health Pass - Meanwhile France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the European health pass allowing travel on the continent will be available on July 1st. Jean-Yves Le Drian announced that this digital certificate or in paper version which will allow circulation on the continent, will be available on July 1st.

The certificate will include three options: the presentation of a negative covid screening test, a vaccination certificate or proof of contamination from 2 weeks to 6 months. The minister also specified the conditions for coming to Europe for nationals of countries outside of the continent. A tricolor system (green, orange and red) on which the 27 Member States have already agreed will allow people to be classified.

The green list of countries will be drawn up, in which a simple negative test for Covid will be required to enter the EU. An orange list "will oblige nationals outside of the EU to have a vaccine" and the red list which, will list countries banned from entering Europe "because of the seriousness of the variants". In France, this category already concerns Brazil and India.

In other news 

Albanian man arrested in connection with Nice attack - An Albanian man accused of supplying weapons to a Tunisian terrorist who killed 86 people in Nice is back in France after extradition from Italy. Endri Elezi is suspected of aiding Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who rammed a truck into a crowd in Nice on July 14th, 2016. Elezi, was arrested on April 21st on a warrant from France in the southern Italian town of Sparanize, north of Naples.

Fake banknote trafficking - 10 people have been arrested for their suspected role in a fake euro banknote trafficking network in which they sold at least €300,000 of counterfeit bills. The six men and four women were arrested in Marseille, Alençon, Rennes and Argenteuil, after more than two years of investigation. The investigators stated that the group received their supply of counterfeit notes from members of the mafia based in Italy.

Man arrested for harassing French police - A 47 year old man has been arrested near Lyon on suspicion of harassing French police and making 27,000 phone calls in fewer than two months. The suspect is alleged to have called 14 different police stations across the country between April 7 and May 18. Many of his calls contained "sexual comments to female officers, sometimes insulting them”. The authorities have identified a total of 34 victims.

Emmanuel Macron with youtubers, McFly and Carlito - French President Emmanuel Macron has taken part in video with youtubers McFly and Carlito. The video entitled “Concours d’Anecdotes vs Le President de la Republique” was broadcast on Sunday May 23rd. Critics however, have reacted calling it a “marketing stunt”. In the video Mcfly is seen sticking his tongue out at the Head of State and rolling around on the lawn of the Élysée Palace as Macron jokes and laughs with the youtubers. David Coscas and Raphaël Carlier, better known by their respective pseudonyms Mcfly and Carlito, are two French humorist videographers. Revealed to the general public by the Golden Mustache YouTube channel, they have, from 2016, acquired greater notoriety on their personal channel.

Train travel interrupted - A power failure has caused long delays this Monday morning between Nice and Ventimiglia. The power failure occurred near Ventimiglia with rotating coaches being set up to transport passengers. The SNCF announced that a return to normal traffic was expected at around 11am.

A happy president of AS Monaco football club - The president of AS Monaco Dmitry Rybolovlev has congratulated the players, the staff and the whole club for all the work accomplished this season as AS Monaco validated their qualification for the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League and regained their rank after a season beyond all expectations. Speaking on Sunday Rybolovlev said "It was an intense fight until the end, so it is with satisfaction that we see this exercise come to an end on the podium, an encouraging end result, after a very good second part of the championship”. He went on to thank all the supporters who have always been behind the team despite the distance imposed by the health situation. " It is ASM's sixth podium since returning to the topflight in 2013.







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