Lunchtime News Monday 1st June 2020

End to free parking in Toulon - Toulon city council has announced that the free parking which has been in place since the beginning of lockdown will come to an end as of tomorrow Tuesday 2nd June.

Street parking in most cities in France had been completely free with the coronavirus lockdown.

Weather warning – Météo France has issued a yellow weather warning for the Alpes Maritimes. Storms are forecast inland. The warning is in place from 2pm to 9pm this evening.

Road accident - Three people have been slightly injured in a road accident in La Colle sur Loup. The accident occurred when a car hit an electricity pole on the Chemin de l'Escours in La Colle-sur-Loup on Sunday afternoon.

All three passengers were taken to hospital. The accident caused damage to the power line. Enedis were at the scene to assess the situation and the impact of the collision on power cables.

Speeding – Meanwhile two motorists have been caught speeding by police, during the bank holiday weekend, in the Vaucluse region. The driver of a Porsche was fined for speeding at 167km/h in a zone limited to 80 on the D900. Meanwhile a second motorist on the RD973 was doing 140km/h in a zone limited to 80km/h.

Recent poll shows trust in Professor Didier Raoult - According to a recent YouGov poll, the French have more confidence in Marseille professor Didier Raoult than in France’s Minister of Health Olivier Veran.

The poll asked people who they trusted in dealing with the current coronavirus health crisis in France. 30% gave the professor more credit than Olivier Véran and more than one in three respondents said that they would not trust either of them.

The founder and head of the IHU Mediterranean, Didier Raoult has been at the centre of the controversy of the use of a hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19.


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