Lunchtime News Monday 13th September 2021


Third dose of covid vaccine available from today in nursing homes - Nursing homes in France will from today Monday 13th September, be able to administer a third dose of the covid vaccine. As announced at the end of August by the French government, the vaccine booster campaign has been launched in nursing homes. A measure deemed necessary because "vaccine protection in certain people - the most fragile, the oldest - is declining".

According to official data as of September 9, 90.1% of some 600,000 nursing home residents are fully vaccinated. People over 65 and those with co-morbidities can, since September 1st, can make an appointment to have their third dose, as recommended by France’s high health authority.

SNCF ends last minute reimbursements for train tickets - From today Monday, September 13, last minute cancellations of train tickets from the SNCF will no longer be reimbursed. Set up by the SNCF due to the health crisis reimbursements will now only be made at least three days before departure.

In addition, the compulsory health pass for young people aged 12 and over will be implemented at the end of September. 

Quality of drinking water - Due to levels of lead and nickel being above the authorized standards in drinking water. Local authorities for Antibes-Juan-les-Pins, Roquefort-les-Pins and La Colle-sur-Loup have extended the advice for residents “to allow the water to run for two minutes before drinking it”.  

The recommendation introduced several weeks ago applies to drinking, food preparation and oral hygiene. Taking a shower, doing the dishes, laundry or watering your plants does not require any precautions.

Some residents are worried that their water bill will go up because of this systematic and prolonged use. The mayor of Antibes, Jean Leonetti has already taken the initiative and ensures "that a commercial gesture, in the totality of the charge, will be requested."

New analyzes must be carried out from today in an attempt to resolve the situation.

National Rally launch presidential campaign - Marine Le Pen has launched her presidential campaign in Fréjus in the Var. About 900 elected officials, party officials and activists were present for Marine Le Pen's political re-entry in the arena of the Roman theatre in Fréjus on Sunday.

After a campaign speech, the candidate entrusted the presidency of the party to her right-hand man, Jordan Bardella. The young man of 25 therefore takes the presidency of the RN, the time of the presidential campaign. He therefore becomes the youngest leader of a political party in the history of the Fifth Republic.

Le Pen describes the 2022 presidential election as a "choice of civilisation” unveiling the main challenges of her programme; security, immigration and the health pass.






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