Lunchtime News Monday 13th April 2020


Coronavirus in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur - 10,790 people have tested positive for the Covid-19 in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region since the start of the epidemic. 

481 new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus were detected in 24 hours, bringing to 10,790 the number of positive people in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur since February 28th. 

1,847 people who are Covid-19 positive are hospitalized. 439 are in intensive care, 328 people have died.

There are over 95,000 confirmed cases in France. At a national level, 95,403 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in France.

There have been 14,393 deaths from the virus and 6,845 people are currently hospitalized in intensive care.

For questions about the COVID 19 coronavirus, a toll-free number is available 0 800 130 000.

Police officers in Cannes test positive - Twenty police officers at the police station in Cannes have tested positive for Covid-19. The building is set to be disinfected this week and all the police working there will be tested.

A dozen officials have been confined pending the results, and four people tested have turned out to be negative.

According to reports none of the police officers have been hospitalized, a spokesperson said that "some were more affected than others”.

Shopping deliveries - Carrefour, Casino, Franprix and Monoprix 'have teamed up with Deliveroo and UberEats to deliver shopping in less than an hour.

After days of discussion, the Carrefour and Casino groups have finally formed partnerships with Uber Eats and Deliveroo in order to deliver in one hour.

These services have been launched in Île-de-France and in a few cities (Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Brest, Cannes, Dijon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice, Nîmes, Reims, Saint-Etienne or Toulouse) depending on the store. It should be deployed across France in the coming weeks.

The aim is not to provide a service for filling up on essentials for several weeks as deliveries can’t weigh more than 7 kg. Anything beyond that, will be distributed among several delivery men at no additional cost.

Extension of confinement period - Ahead of the French President's speech this evening at 8pm, doctors in France are demanding an “extension on restriction measures, at least until mid-May in order not to have a second epidemic wave”.

Almost a month after the confinement was put in place, Emmanuel Macron is expected to announce the plan for the coming weeks and month including the following points; The date for the end of confinement, schools, the economy, masks and a decision on  tracking.  

French actor Maurice Barrier - French actor Maurice Barrier, known for many supporting roles in cinema and theatre which earned him a Molière in 1998, has died of the coronavirus at the age of 87.

Born on June 8, 1932 his acting career began with the role of D'Artagnan in "The seizure of power by Louis XIV" by Roberto Rossellini in 1966.

He then went on to play supporting roles alongside Jean-Paul Belmondo in "The Married of the Year II" (1968), Pierre Richard in "The tall blond with a black shoe" (1972), Jean Gabin and Alain Delon in " Two men in the city "(1973).



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