Heat wave - As 34 degrees is expected in Toulouse, France is preparing to break new records for the month of May. Since the beginning of May, France has been stuck under an anticyclone. According to Météo France, it will be up to 34° in Toulouse today, a record for this month in the city. It had reached 33.4° in Toulouse back in 2001. Quite exceptionally, it will be 31° in Paris, compared to the normal 21° to 22° for this time of year and it will be 29° in Lille.

Another record was reached on Tuesday. In the Manche, a department unaccustomed to high temperatures, experienced 26° at the tip of La Hague. However, groundwater levels are at their lowest in many departments. This deficit is due to the fact that it rained very little last fall and winter. In addition, since the beginning of the year, it has hardly rained at all.

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