French and Riviera News Wednesday 26th October 2022


Investigation into the handling of the covid epidemic - As part of an ongoing investigation into the former French health minister Angès Buzyn and her handling of the covid epidemic, the ex-Minister has confirmed that she "warned” French President Emmanuel Macron and at the time French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in January 2020, but “nobody cared and she was not being heard” adding that she "didn't manage to have an appointment" with the President of the Republic, until a telephone interview on February 8th”.

French President to visit Toulon - Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Toulon on November 9th. The head of state is due to visit the harbour and give an important speech to the armed forces.

Low emission zones in Nice and Toulon - Several announcements have been made concerning low emission zones in Nice and Toulon. Otherwise known as ZFE’s, the first ministerial committee for monitoring low-emission zones was held on Tuesday. In Nice and Toulon, certain vehicles will be affected by the low emission zone from January 1st, 2023. Low emission zones already concern 11 French cities. The objective of ZFEs is to gradually ban the most polluting vehicles. Cameras will be used to control and identify vehicles using their number plates. The French government is offering an aid to the most modest households in France to be able to go green as well as a zero-interest loan and from 2024 being able to lease an electric car for 100 euros a month. In more detail from January 1st, next year, Crit'Air 5 vehicles, diesel vehicles manufactured before 2001, will be concerned. On January 1st, 2024, it will be Crit'Air 4, diesel’s manufactured before 2006, then the Crit'Air 3 (diesel vehicles before 2011 and petrol vehicles before 2006) on January 1st, 2025.

Blood donations - You have until this Friday October 28th to donate blood. The French blood establishment has once again along with OGC Nice launched this year’s four-day collection on Place Masséna in Nice. 600 donors are expected, to donate all you must do is simply register in advance on the EFS website to make an appointment. The collection point is open from 1pm to 6.30pm until Friday.

Heating of terraces this winter - President of the UMIH in Cannes has expressed his concern a