French and Riviera News Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Local News

Shooting in Marseille - One person has been shot dead and two injured in Marseille. The shooting occurred on Tuesday evening shortly after 7:30 p.m. in the 14th arrondissement, in what looks like a new episode of a settlement of accounts amongst a drug trafficking network, a problem which has been plaguing the city for several weeks.

According to reports at least two men opened fire with handguns and shotguns on a group of individuals. A man in his twenties was killed. He was reportedly killed with a bullet in the head. Two other victims were seriously injured.

Shots fired in northern district of Cavaillon – Meanwhile on Tuesday, pupils in a primary school in Cavaillon in the Vaucluse were confined for safety reasons, due to a nearby shooting. The incident occurred in the northern district of the city. According to reports, shots were fired at around 11am, after which two or three individuals took refuge in a building. A large police force was deployed to the scene. This is the fifth time this year that the district has been the scene of a turf war between drug traffickers. No injuries were reported.

522 health workers take legal action against compulsory vaccination - Faced with compulsory covid vaccination 522 health workers from the Alpes Maritimes region have appealed against the obligation. Two appeals have been filed; the first requesting to suspend it and the second to cancel it. Since its introduction on September 15th hundreds of files have reportedly been submitted.

Nice at war with bedbugs - The city of Nice is at war with bedbugs, launching a plan in October to eradicate them. The PACA region is the second most affected region after the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. As part of the fight, experts in the field from the Nice University Hospital will be assigned to monitor potential outbreaks and fight against the spread. There is also a helpline number to answer any questions 0806.706.806.

Cannes Civique - The Cannes town hall is reminding residents about the Cannes Civique smartphone app which can be used to alert the municipality to a wide range of issues. These include holes in the roadway, litter, fly tipping, lack of cleanliness, defective lighting, and improper parking. The app can be used to take a photo of the problem which can then be sent to the municipality's service department.

World Teacher Prize - A teacher from Nice is amongst the finalists for the World Teachers' Prize. Gaëlle Assoune is a special needs teacher at a college in Nice. Selected from over 8,000 applications from around the world, Assoune is one of the finalists for this year’s World Teachers' Prize, "Global Teacher Prize" of the Varkey Foundation which recognises "exceptional teachers who have made a remarkable contribution to the profession and highlighted the crucial role of teachers in society".

Meanwhile a study published today by Afev has shown that a quarter of “priority education” college students in France say they don't like school. The study shows that academic demands are often sources of stress for “priority education” college students. Today Wednesday 22nd September marks “the combat against school failure” in France.

National News

Former head of state shows support for Emmanuel Macron over submarine crisis - Former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy has shown support to his successor on the submarine crisis. Sarkozy did not mince his words concerning the unexpected termination of the "contract of the century" by the Australians and the Americans giving his support to Emmanuel Macron's in this unprecedented diplomatic crisis which has shaken relations between France, Australia and America in recent days.

Meanwhile the UN General Assembly began on Tuesday against the backdrop of the submarine crisis. The surprise absence of French President Emmanuel Macron raised eyebrows and questions over how far the feud stands to erode old friendships and further divide Nato.

QR code of President leaked on social networks - Meanwhile the QR code from President Macron's health pass has been leaked on social networks. Reports say that the President's personal details including date of birth and vaccination details can be viewed on Snapchat and Twitter. The Elysee told French media that they believe the leak came about through the deliberate or negligent actions of health professionals.

European Environment Agency warns that most European countries exceed air pollution - The European Environment Agency has warned that most European countries exceed air pollution standards. The most frequent pollution beyond European standards concerns the ozone, with annual thresholds crossed in 24 European countries. Despite slight improvements, pollutants continue to poison European air often beyond