French and Riviera News Wednesday 20th October 2021

Local News 

Home-jacking in Cannes - A family in Cannes have been victims of a violent home-jacking. On Sunday evening two armed and hooded men entered their home. After assaulting the family, they left with money and valuables, including luxury jewelry. According to reports the men attacked the father who tried to intervene as one of the burglars robbed the ten-year-old son. The two men fled on scooters. The amount of the damage is being assessed. Police investigating the incident believe it may be linked to a similar home-jacking which took place in Nice last week at the home of OGC midfielder Mario Lemina.

A record number of sea rescue operations for 2021 - According to the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean this year has seen a record number of rescue operations carried out at sea with an increase of 16% compared to last year and up by 37% compared to 2019. Authorities say that they are witnessing more people and even more dangerous behaviour. According to figures from the Mediterranean Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (Cross), 26 people lost their lives this summer at sea and 1,316 had to be rescued, including 196 requiring medical treatment.

Apart from swimming accidents, which are also on the rise (112 this summer compared to 61 in 2020), it is the yachting activity that has mainly mobilized the rescue teams. "With the online rental platforms, access to vessels has been made very easy”. The authorities have also been mobilized to put an end to jet-ski rodeos, which have multiplied off the coast.  

International conference in Nice - From today Wednesday 20th October, Nice is to host the three-day international conference “Security, democracy and cities”, organized by the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) with 25 countries represented. The opportunity is "to discuss the major challenges facing European cities and regions to preserve, strengthen or improve urban security while respecting fundamental freedoms".

Since the attack of July 14th 2016, Nice has accelerated security experiments with, for example, the installation of emergency terminals in the street of which there are today 190 and 1,200 warning boxes installed in public establishments such as schools, theatres, universities and hospitals, as well as private establishments such as shops for example.

Cable car project - The city council of Saint-Laurent-du-Var has this week presented the cable car project linking Saint-Laurent-du Var to Nice. A computer-generated image of the cable car that could link Saint-Laurent-du-Var to Nice from 2025 was displayed at the town hall followed by a meeting to answer questions from local residents.

An investment of 40 million euros, it is presented as an ecological solution and above all extremely quiet. The pace would be fluid and appropriate to the needs of passengers with a departure every 4.5 minutes, a pace adjustable according to demand but also according to the departures and arrivals of the tram. The cabins have been designed to be large, spacious and comfortable and can accommodate 60 people.

The main goal of this project: to relieve road traffic by connecting the city center of Saint-Laurent to Nice eco-valley in 3 minutes. The project is currently on display at both the town hall in Nice Saint Augustin and Saint Laurent. You have until October 29 to give your opinion.

Mayor of Sanary-sur-Mer charged - The mayor of Sanary-sur-Mer in the Var, Ferdinand Bernhard has been charged with illegal taking of interest and the embezzlement of public funds. Bernhard was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years of ineligibility, a sentence for which provisional execution was ordered. An extraordinary appeal would therefore not allow him to remain mayor. He was also sentenced to three years in prison, one year of which must be executed "at home, under electronic surveillance", along with the confiscation of a large estate asset. He will also have to pay a 50,000 euros fine.

Charges against Ferdinand Bernhard included "illegal taking of interests", in connection with the acquisition of a plot of land and its real estate project (three villas were built there, as well as a swimming pool). "Illegal taking of interest and embezzlement of public funds", within the framework of the relations with a former collaborator of cabinet and "misappropriation of public property" for the use of a company vehicle and a motorway card.

Covid incidence rate on the rise in the Bouches-du-Rhone - The incidence rate is on the rise in the Bouches-du-Rhône region with the prefect indicating that there will be no easing of the health measures until at least mid-November, extending the measures until November 15th.

After a steady decline over the past two months, positive cases are on the rise in the region. The incidence rate is 111 per 100,000 inhabitants, a sign that the circulation of the virus is still active. For Philippe de Mester, director of Regional Health A