French and Riviera News Thursday 27th October 2022


Laboratories to no longer transmit covid test results - From today October 27th laboratories in France will no longer transmit Covid test results. The monitoring of the covid epidemic is over, at least for the time being. In a statement biologists announced on Wednesday that they would cease transmitting the results of Covid-19 tests on the SI-DEP platform (Covid-19 screening information system). The reason is that their prices need to be revised downwards within the framework of the Social Security financing bill. A saving that the French government estimates at 250 million euros between now and 2026.

Epidemic of bronchiolitis in the PACA region - According to Public Health France, the Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur region has entered the epidemic phase of bronchiolitis, which affects babies. While paediatric emergencies have been warning about the situations for several weeks, the epidemic is spreading in France, say health authorities. Common and highly contagious, bronchiolitis causes babies to cough and have difficult, rapid, wheezy breathing. Even if it is distressing for young parents, it is most of the time benign. In some cases, it may require a visit to A&E or even hospitalization. The epidemic has hit paediatric emergency services which are more widely plunged into a crisis linked to unsatisfactory working conditions and a lack of staff.

Doctolib to stop referencing wellness practitioners – Meanwhile, Doctolib, the platform for medical appointments in France, has announced plans to "refocus" on health and close its door to "wellness practitioners". The move comes two months after the controversy over naturopaths being referenced by Doctolib. Consequently, 5,700 well-being practitioners will no longer be able to use the service and have been notified of the termination of their contracts, with a period of "six months to find another solution".

French President televised address - In a televised address on Wednesday evening French President Emmanuel Macron spoke of the pension reform, which should be introduced to the National Assembly next January, inflation which is at its highest since 1987, the ongoing problem in finding a doctor in France saying that he wishes to encourage retired doctors to combine employment and a full pension. The Head of State also reminded us that there will be a 15% increase in electricity and gas prices from January 2023, due to the capping of prices by the French State, adding that there would be a similar measure for companies. Finally, following that Lola affair, in which the alleged murderer is a woman in an irregular situation