French and Riviera News Monday 6th June 2022


One person dies and 15 injured after violent storms hit northeastern France - One person has died and 15 others were injured, two of them serious after violent storms hit northeastern France at the weekend. The intense stormy episode crossed 65 departments in France on Saturday and 15,000 people were still without electricity on Sunday. The deceased is a woman who was "carried away by a mudslide" in Rouen and drowned after being trapped under a car. Among the two seriously injured is a 13-year-old girl who is "in critical condition". In total, the 2,400 firefighters were deployed 3,500 interventions were carried out and 50,000 lightning strikes were recorded. It’s the first time in twenty years that such a large part of the country has been crossed simultaneously by thunderstorms. France’s Interior Minister has since declared a state of natural disaster after bridges were "swept away" in Mayenne, and vineyards were severely damaged, in particular in the Landes and Gers. Météo-France lifted orange weather warning on Sunday morning for the 25 departments that remained concerned.

Man rescued at Coco beach after drowning - A 40-year-old man has been rescued after nearly drowning at Coco beach in Nice. The incident occurred just before 5pm on Sunday. It was witnesses that pulled the man out of the water unconscious, he was taken to hospital in a serious condition, by emergency services.

Boat sinks off the coastline at Villeneuve-Loubet – Meanwhile, sea rescue services were also called out off the coastline at Villeneuve-Loubet on Sunday after a boat was seen sinking on Sunday late afternoon. It was a jet skier who had raised the alarm. The boat was brought back to the Villeneuve-Loubet shipyard by the SNSM of Antibes.

Three people rescued after becoming stranded on paddle board - Three people have been rescued by emergency services after becoming stranded on a paddle board 300 meters from the coast of Antibes. The incident occurred off the beach of Ponteil in Antibes at 5pm.

Man arrested for pricking spectators with a needle during concert in Toulon - A 20-year-old man has been arrested in Toulon suspected of having "stung" spectators at the filming of a concert on Friday night. Several victims claim to have been pricked with a needle during the event which attracted over 4,000 spectators. The individual has contested the charges against him. Tests are being carried out to determine the substance in the syringes.

Two people shot during police road check in Paris - Two people have been shot and injured by police in Paris during a roadside check for failure to wear a seat belt. The i