French and Riviera News Monday 4th July 2022


Fatal avalanche in Italian Alps - Six people have been killed and eight others injured in an avalanche after the largest glacier in the Italian Alps collapsed due to higher-than-average temperatures. According to Italian emergency services an avalanche of snow, ice and rock hit an access path at a time when there were several roped parties, some of whom were swept away. The glacier was located on Marmolada and the avalanche struck the day after record-high temperatures of 10 degrees Celcius were recorded at the glacier’s summit.

Tour de France gives support after fatal shooting in Copenhagen - The Tour de France has given its support to Copenhagen after three people were shot dead and several other were injured at one of Denmark’s biggest shopping malls. Organisers of this year’s competition, which started in the Danish capital, have expressed their “compassion with the people of Denmark and offered its most sincere condolences to the victims and their families. “Several” people were hit by gunfire late on Sunday afternoon in the shopping centre in Copenhagen. A 22-year-old Dane has since been arrested.

Woman commits suicide in Nice - A woman has committed suicide after jumping from the 7th floor of an apartment block on Rue Fulconis in Nice. Emergency services intervened on Sunday morning shortly after 9am after being alerted by an employee of the Ligne d’Azur network at the tram terminus in Pasteur.

Diver hospitalised in Toulon - A 69-year-old diver has been hospitalised in Toulon in the Var after an accident on the island of Port-Cros. The incident occurred during a supervised diving outing by a club, in the Port-Cros sector on Sunday morning.

Man seriously injured in mountain bike competition in Valberg – Meanwhile, an English engineer in his thirties has been seriously injured in a mountain bike accident in Valberg in the Alpes Maritimes. The incident occurred shortly after 11am on Sunday during an electric mountain bike competition. The victim was air lifted to hospital by emergency services. An investigation has been opened to determine the exact circumstances.

Unions refuse wage increase - Unions in France have called for further strike action at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport after rejecting the latest salary increase proposed by management. A call to strike has been issued from July 8th to 10th and another for July 13th to 17th. On Friday, employees refused a 4% wage increase calling for a general wage increase of 6%.

Theatre director Peter Brook dies