French and Riviera News Monday 13th November 2023


March against anti-Semitism - From the left to the far right, almost the entire political class marched in Paris on Sunday against anti-Semitism. According to police more that 105,000 people gathered and despite the political controversies surrounding the presence of the far-right National Rally and the absence of the far left “La France insoumise”, elected politicians from all sides were united. Former Presidents of the Republic, former Prime Ministers, and Presidents of the National Assembly as well as members of the government all respondent present with former President of the Republic, François Hollande (PS) praising the “popularity” of the mobilization.  Meanwhile Olivier Faure of France’s socialist party said he regretted the amalgamations of the situation in the Middle East saying that “French Jews do not have to be held accountable for what is happening today in Israel and Palestine” before adding, “one can be Jewish without supporting Netanyahu and one can be of Arab origin without supporting Hamas. We have gathered today to remind people that anti-Semitism has no place in the Republic”.

Meanwhile, in our region two rallies against anti-Semitism were held in Nice with at least 3,000 people gathering on Sunday morning on the Promenade, following a call from the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi. A second demonstration took place in the afternoon, in Old Nice with 600 people reporting present.

North of France flood risk sees schools remain closed - The north of France is still affected by the recent heavy rain with the risk of flooding leading to the closure of schools in the Pas-de-Calais region until Tuesday. The department is no longer on red alert for floods, but further rain was forecast on Sunday and overnight into this morning. At the weekend firefighters carried out 50 evacuations and a medical establishment south of Saint-Omer was flooded. In total, 7,200 people are still without drinking water in the department and 6,000 no longer have a telephone network.

Study shows poor hospital care in rural areas of France - According to a study published today, Monday 13th November, residents of rural communities in France “consume 16% less hospital care than the national average”. The study by the AMRF (the Association of Rural Mayors of France), analysed “the geographical distribution of more than 18 million hospital stays in France in 2021”, revealing the ever growing problem of medical deserts in rural areas, which basically shows that “the further away you are from a hospital, the less treatment you receive”.  The AMRF denounces a “French health disaster”.  For the AMRF, the purpose of the study is “to provide rural elected officials with new arguments and bring new data to the table to form an informed opinion on the reality of the French health disaster”. The AMRF is putting forward several proposals, including a "better distribution of health professionals ".

Fatal shooting in Marseille - At the weekend yet another fatal shooting took place in Marseille. This time in the car park of a fast-food restaurant and once again related to drug-trafficking. According to reports, a car with five passengers inside was targeted by machine gun fire, killing two of the passengers. A 22-year-old man called Eddy and a 25-year-old woman known as Eleonore, from the Toulon area. Police in the city have been increasing the number arrests related to drug trafficking. Since the start of 2023, nearly 75 assault rifles have been seized in Bouches-du-Rhône and since January, 48 people have been murdered due to drug trafficking.

France to spend 1 billion euros on polar research - France will spend €1bn on polar research between now and 2030, amid rapidly rising scientific concern over the world’s melting ice caps and glaciers. French president Emmanuel Macron told a summit of heads of state and scientists in Paris: “We are not talking about a threat for tomorrow, but one that is already present and accelerating. We are talking about a transformation of the cryosphere (the Earth’s ice) that already threatens millions and will threaten billions of the planet’s inhabitants with multiple direct and indirect consequences.” The plight of the Earth’s polar regions and glaciers has sparked alarm among many scientists, as heatwaves at both poles, which were seen for the first-time last year, look set to be a regular occurrence. This year is already the hottest on record and probably the hottest in 100,000 years, with ocean temperatures so far above normal.


One of Australia's major ports operators is back online after a cyber-attack crippled its facilities. Operations at its container terminals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth were disrupted from Friday to Monday morning. DP World Australia manages around 40% of goods entering and leaving the country.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe's deal to become a minority shareholder in Manchester United is expected to be agreed during this month's international break, possibly as early as this week. It is expected Ratcliffe's Ineos Group will pay around £1.25bn to buy 25%. United's owners the Glazer family announced on 22 November 2022 they were considering selling the club.

And - South Korea's largest music label Hybe Co, behind K-Pop supergroup BTS, has acquired the music label of Spanish-language media company Exile Content in its first major move into the Latin music market. Hybe said it is setting up a Latin America unit for artist management and talent discovery.


Football – Chelsea and Manchester City played out an epic eight-goal 4-4 thriller on Sunday evening.

And - Liverpool beat Brentford 3-0 moving them up to second in the Premier League and just a point behind leaders Manchester City.

Cricket - India made it nine wins from nine group-stage games with a 160-run victory over the Netherlands. The Netherlands started well but fell away to be bowled out for 250.

Rugby Union - England hooker Theo Dan scored two tries in his first start since the World Cup as Saracens swept Newcastle aside for their third straight win at the weekend.


Mainly fine with highs of 19 degrees in Monaco, Nice and Menton. 21 degrees in Cannes, Saint-Raphael and Saint-Tropez, with a moderate breeze. This evening going down to 13 degrees with clear skies.

The outlook for tomorrow and Wednesday, feeing warmer on Tuesday with highs of 23 degrees but still a fresh breeze and clear skies. Wednesday becoming increasingly windy with highs of 20-21 degrees and clear skies.

Sunrise       07.21am

Sunset        05.07pm

And Finally

A woman from the Hautes-Pyrénées has won the Keno jackpot in France twice, by playing the same numbers in the same place. In the space of two years, the lucky lady has accumulated 1.6 million euros in winnings.

In August 2021, she won the jackpot of 800,000 euros. Which can happen, of course. But what makes her case unique is that on September 2nd, she won exactly the same jackpot, by replaying the same 10 lucky numbers, and in the same place.

This is the first time that such an improbable situation has happened during a lottery draw in France,”Never has an identical win with such low probabilities been won in the same place by the same person and including the same numbers on a game grid.

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