French and Riviera News Friday 7th October 2022


France’s energy saving plan - The French government has unveiled its energy saving plan, which comes with a warning that there is “an urgent need for action” in a fight that will carry on well beyond winter. Following the meeting with ministers and company managers on Thursday, the Minister for Energy Transition said that “the challenge was for the next 30 years”. The cross-sector measures, 15 of which will be introduced ahead of the winter, are in response to the crisis in Ukraine. They are also part of climate change plans to reduce energy production by at least 10% over the next two years, with an overall 40% decrease recommended for 2050.

Households in France will need to consume less electricity during peak hours in the morning and evening. Hot water will be switched off in the restrooms of public buildings and local councils will be told to reduce water temperatures at public swimming pools by 1 degree Celsius. The fixed allowance for teleworking state employees will increase. Employees will be encouraged to travel by train instead of plane for journeys of less than four hours, while those driving should travel at 110 km/h on highways, not 130 km/h. The minister also wants to reduce lighting in public establishments and switch to LED energy-saving lamps.

In supermarkets, light should be reduced by 30 percent, while neon signs and lights are to be switched off once the market is closed. If there are no customers or staff in hotels, the temperature should be turned down to 17°C. Some companies have already announced cost-cutting measures, including Vinci, which manages airports. It announced that all its airports would be capped at 17°C. Large companies are also being urged to comply with energy-saving measures, such as lowering the thermostat in offices to 19°C.

Publicity campaign - A publicity campaign will be launched by the government next Monday to encourage the public to consume energy responsibly.

Illegal Channel crossings - Britain and France have vowed to stop all illegal Channel crossings after a record 33,000 migrants are reported to have made the journey so far this year. The ambitious goal is one of several announced by Prime Minister Liz Truss and President Emmanuel Macron. The two countries revealed they will hold a summit in 2023, dubbed 'La Cooperation', in a bid to 'strengthen cooperation on energy security' while 'tackling illegal migration.' 

Part of A8 closed following an accident - An accident on the A8 motorway has led to it being partially closed at Saint-Laurent du Var. The incident occurred on Thursday lunchtime leading to long tail bac