French and Riviera News Friday 28th May 2021


Seven-day isolation for people arriving from the UK, but no systematic home checks - France’s minister of foreign affairs has announced that while travellers from the UK will have to isolate for seven days on their arrival in France from Monday the “systematic home check will not be applied”.

In a press release published on Thursday May 27th the government confirmed that "as of Monday, May 31st, a compelling reason will be required for foreign nationals outside the European Union non-resident in France arriving from the United Kingdom", and that "on their arrival, they will have to respect a seven day isolation period”.

Despite concerns around the Indian variant, France’s Foreign Office indicated that the systematic home screening of travellers from the United Kingdom will not be applied "given the low incidence of Covid in Britain".

In addition, "a PCR or antigen test of less than 48 hours will be required from any person arriving in France from the United Kingdom".

Exit from state of emergency and health pass - Meanwhile on Thursday France’s Parliament adopted the gradual exit from the state of emergency and the health pass. The final vote confirmed the end of the state of emergency in France for September 30th and the introduction of a health pass.

Attending the Cannes Film Festival - The new measures for people travelling from the UK to France could deter British film makers and press from attending the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. After delays caused by Covid, the festival confirmed that it would be taking place in early July. A spokesperson for the festival said they were attempting to find a way to accommodate participants following the further restrictions announced this week.

Doctors advise people to continue to respect barrier gestures - As the vaccination gains ground in France, doctors have expressed their concern of people not respecting barrier gestures after receiving the first dose.

Nearly 24 million French people have already received at least one dose of a vaccine against covid, according to the latest data from health authorities. Doctors, however, are seeing first time vaccinated patients infected with covid and in response have underlined that “while the first injection offers some immunity, the second dose remains essential”.

Vaccination open to all adults - Since Thursday 27th May it's been possible for all adults in France to make an appointment to be vaccinated from Monday May 31st. New appointment slots will be posted every day on the various French vaccination platforms such as and

If the health situation in France has improved in recent weeks, covid continues to circulate. More than 500 people have been hospitalized for covid cases, every day over the last seven days, and an average of 140 in intensive care. 116 people have died from covid in the last 24 hours.

Summer sales postponed to 30th June – The summer sales in France, initially planned from June 23rd have been postponed until June 30th. Last year the summer sales were postponed to early July instead of mid-June which had particularly harmed Parisian businesses due to many in the capital leaving to go on vacation and a lack of international tourists.

Study - According to a study published today 1,700 cases of breast cancer per year in France are the consequence of exposure to atmospheric pollutants. The study conducted by researchers from Inserm shows that air pollutants not only increase the risk of lung cancer, but they are also suspected to be a risk factor for breast cancer.

Warmer weather to return - Météo France has announced a return to "warmer weather" from this weekend. After a month of May with abnormally low temperatures, between two to three degrees below the seasonal norms sunshine and warmer temperatures are to return for the weekend and into next week.


The number of Americans filing new unemployment claims dropped more than expected last week to a 14 month low of 406,000 as  pandemic restrictions continue to be lifted.

A separate report issued on Thursday showed  that business spending on equipment is picking up speed.

The data helped to lift US Treasury yields with the benchmark ten year note reaching a high of 1.625 percent.

Investors have been closely watching economic data and comments from the Federal Reserve for signs of runaway inflation and the possibility that the central bank may begin to pull back on its massive stimulus measures.

Fed officials have repeatedly maintained in recent days that the central bank is not ready to adjust its monetary support although some have suggested that they are open to start discussions about a reduction in the bond bu