French and Riviera News Friday 15th October 2021


Ski season - After a 2020 winter season without any ski lifts, the ski resorts are preparing to reopen and hope to be able to do so without any restrictions. During a visit to Sisteron on Thursday October 14th, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State for Tourism suggested that “a return to normal or almost, is expected this winter in ski resorts”, no doubt a relief for professionals in this tourism sector. A sector already disrupted by the recurring lack of snow and the health crisis. According to the secretary of state, six billion euros have been invested to support mountain tourism.

Macron returns to Marseille six weeks since his visit announcing a 1.5-billion-euro plan - French President Emmanuel Macron is to return to Marseille today just six weeks after having visited the city and presenting the “big plan” principally for schools, housing and transport. A month ago, Emmanuel Macron announced a 1.5-billion-euro plan for the city of Marseille. Some associations have called for demonstrations today to coincide with Macron’s return.

Collision on voie rapide in Nice - The voie rapide in Nice has been closed following a collision between a two-wheeler and a car. The accident occurred shortly before 5 p.m. at Magnan, eastbound. Two people were slightly injured in the accident, the driver of the motorcycle and a child passenger of the vehicle involved in the accident. Both were taken care of by the emergency services leading to the road being closed during rush hour.  Traffic had returned to one lane by 6pm.

Noise radars to track down noisy two-wheelers - Police in Nice are to track down noisy two-wheelers with anti-noise radars. Nice along with 7 other cities in France including Paris and Toulouse have decided to equip themselves with "sound radars." For some residents, being woken up by the sound of an exhaust backfiring in a regular occurrence. According to a study published at the end of July the social cost of noise in France is estimated at 155.7 billion euros per year.

Arrest made in Beausoleil as part of anti-drug operation - Police have arrested an individual in Beausoleil during an anti-drug operation. The arrest was made on Wednesday at the request of the public prosecutor, the national police of Menton and the municipal police of Beausoleil who had jointly carried out the anti-drug operation. The investigation continues.

Escape game to save the future - 4th year college students in Monaco have embarked on an escape game to "save the future". The educational tool aims to promote sustainable development while reviewing the fundamentals. While solving puzzles, students must decode a message that reveals the formula that will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to save the endangered planet. The challenge offered to the students during the escape game designed and created by a team of teachers from Monaco was presented to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco this week.

Increase in cases of bronchiolitis - There has been an increase in the number of cases of bronchiolitis in the PACA region reaching a pre-epidemic phase. This year cases have been detected earlier compared to other years. In the Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur, the epidemic period of bronchiolitis in 2018-2019 lasted 11 weeks and in total, 1,705 children under one year of age were hospitalized, representing 37% of hospitalizations. Bronchiolitis is a childhood illness that particularly affects young children. Each winter, it affects around 500,000 children and infants. It is spread through saliva, hands, and coughing and is characterized by a strong cough, which can go as far as difficulty in breathing (rapid wheezing, runny nose).

End to free covid testing  - From today Friday October 15th, referred to as "comfort" PCR tests will no longer be free and will cost you 43.89 euros. Tests will continue to be reimbursed for medical reasons, either without prescription and for people already vaccinated and minors. The aim from the French government is to reimburse tests linked to a valid medical reason, and to continue to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Wearing a mask in schools in the Var will no longer be an obligation from Monday - The obligation to wear a mask in schools in the Var region is to be lifted. From Monday, October 18th, a total of 79 departments whose incidence rate has remained below 50 for at least five consecutive days will no longer be required to wear a mask in school. The measure only concerns students, not their teachers. Twelve new departments, including the Var have been added to the 67 departments which were already concerned by the lifting of the measure.

Suspect arrested in connection with woman found beheaded at her home in the Hérault - A 50-year-old man has been arrested following the investigation into the decapi