Evening Update Tuesday 5 May 2020

President Macron has said that "we will know at the beginning of June" where it will be possible to go on holiday. He said that international travel will be limited during the summer holidays, to perhaps within Europe or "even in a more restricted area". He said that at the moment it is too early to say "whether we will have a holiday". Speaking after a visit to a school in the Yvelines department today, he said that mayors who do not wish to open their schools on the 11 May will not be forced to do so. A meeting of the Defence Council will take place on Thursday and further decisions regarding deconfinement will be made afterwards. He added that after three weeks of deconfinement "we will see if we have a strong comeback in emergencies and we will be able to see if we have control, if we can reopen a little more or, on the contrary, close certain areas of activity".

The French Ministry of Sports has today set out restrictions governing the resumption of sporting activities after 11 May. As regards physical distancing, there must be a distance of at least 10 meters between two people for cycling and jogging activities; a sufficient physical distance of approximately 4 m2 for outdoor activities such as tennis, yoga and fitness for example. The activities are subject to various other restrictions such as being outdoors, involving a maximum of ten people and not using changing rooms. The full text released by the ministry today can be found at http://sports.gouv.fr/presse/article/reprise-de-l-activite-sportive  Additional specifications depending on the activity will be provided soon by the Ministry of Sports.

The Secretary of State for Digital has said that the StopCovid app will be ready on June 2. A testing phase will begin next week before being presented to deputies on May 25. The app aims to enable the tracing of people who have been in contact with someone suffering from the virus.

Distribution of protective masks has started in the Gulf of St Tropez today. Door to door distribution began in St Tropez itself this morning to those who had registered. Registration is still possible by filling in an online form at https://www.saint-tropez.fr/formulaire-masques or by filling in the paper form available in open shops (food, tobacco and kiosk) and dropping it in the town hall mailbox, to the right of the door, or by calling the town hall reception on 04 84 55 90 00. Distribution of masks in other communes in the area will be taking place over the next few days.

Meanwhile, in Toulon, the registration platform for mask distribution was a victim of its own success this morning. The town hall sent out a message on Twitter saying that several thousand people were trying to connect simultaneously. It asked for patience and said that there will be a mask for all