Evening Update Tuesday 31 May

The French national anti-terrorism prosecutors office has opened an investigation into the death of a French television journalist in Ukraine yesterday. 32 year old Frédéric Leclerc Imhoff, who worked for BFM TV, died from shrapnel wounds whilst on board a humanitarian bus in the Donbas region. Speaking this afternoon President Macron said he wanted to "condemn in the strongest possible terms" comments made by a seperatist leader of the so-called People's Republic of Lugantsk which suggested that the journalist was "a mercenary engaged in the delivery of arms". Frédéric Leclerc Imhoff's mother published an open letter rebutting the claims and saying they made her "nauseous". She praised her son for his professional and personal commitment to "democracy, human respect and above all,


President Macron has said that EU member states have recognized the need to invest more in defence, saying it would be a figure over 500 million euros. Speaking today after a summit in Brussels at which additional sanctions against Russia were adopted, he said that defence, energy and food security were discussed at the meeting.


French government statistics office INSEE has said that annual inflation in France rose to 5.2% in May. It rose by 0.6% since April. It's the highest level since the mid-80's.

It's been announced that President Macron will be visiting Marseille on Thursday. He'll be inspecting progress on improving the city's schools and will be accompanied by the newly appointed Education Minister Pap Nd-i-aye. Improving education in Marseille was part of President Macrons "grand plan" for the city unveiled during his visit last September. 

Motorway operator Vinci Autoroutes has warned of very heavy traffic on its network, particularly in the Paris region, around the Mediterranean and the Rhône Valley, between this Friday and next Monday for