Evening Update Tuesday 12th July 2022

A major summer campaign against counterfeit goods has been launched on the Riviera. The city of Cannes will be the focal point for the annual operation, with posters going up along the Croisette and local markets warning of the potential fines. Customs officers, police and gendarmes throughout the Alpes-Maritimes will be carrying out spot checks at markets, at Nice Côte d'Azur airport and on the A8 motorway. Last year, more than 170,000 counterfeit items were seized across the Alpes-Maritimes. That's up more than 50% on previous years. The biggest seizure last year was a truck containing almost 7,000 pairs of fake brand-name trainers, with an estimated value of more than €600,000.

A homeless man in Nice has been jailed for six months for beating a dog to death.  The court in Nice also banned the 22-year-old Romanian man from ever keeping an animal or carrying out any activity relating to animals. He was found guilty of killing the dog, which belonged to the woman who was providing him with temporary accommodation in the Gairaut district of Nice last month. Neighbours alerted police when they heard the dog was in distress. The man first claimed he had been bitten by the dog, and then that the animal had refused to be put on a lead. An autopsy on the animal found multiple broken bones and damaged organs.

The Bouches-du-Rhône prefecture has announced a reinforced police presence in several neighbourhoods this summer in the fight against gang violence and drug-related crime. An extra 550 CRS officers and gendarmes have been deployed, with a focus on some of the housing estates around Marseille. In just three days, more than 45 police operations have been carried out - with thousands of spot checks. About 50 vehicles that weren't legally compliant were impounded, a dozen stolen vehicles were found and several kilos of cannabis.

Lignes d'Azur bus drivers in the west of Nice have complained of unbearable working conditions, with air conditioning on some older vehicles regularly breaking down. The complaints mainly concern bus line 22, which is run by the private firm Transdev on behalf of Lignes d'Azur. Buses on the line from Carros to the Centre Administratif are showing signs of age, with technical faults including a lack of working air conditioning.

Motorway operator Vinci Autoroutes has announced a 10% discount on tolls this summer when paying with holiday vouchers - chèque vacances. 4.5 million French people receive holiday vouchers as part of their pay package. The discount applies if you use an electronic toll badge in your car. You can deposit up to €250 on your account with holiday vouchers to receive a maximum €25 discount. The measure comes into force on July 14th and will apply to trips made until mid-September. Vinci Autoro