Evening Update Monday 22 August 2022

The administrative court in Nice has suspended part of the controversial anti-begging decree. It suspended article 3 relating to begging with a dog not kept on a leash or without a muzzle, because the court said it was too general in its terms. On Twitter this evening Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi thanked the Administrative Court which he said "confirms the legality of my anti-begging order". Regarding the suspended article, he said "I take note of this and am determined to act for our living environment".

A hospital near Paris has had its computer network blocked by cyberattackers. According to reports in French media, the attackers have demanded a ransom of ten million dollars to unlock the systems of the Sud Francilien Hospital in Corbeille-Essonnes in the Ile-de-France region. The Hospital said that the attack on the computer network makes it inaccessible for the time being all the hospital's business software, storage systems including medical imaging and the system relating to patient admissions. It said that the National Authority for Security and Defence of Information Systems had been informed of the situation.

All the forest massifs of Var are once again on severe fire risk level, except the Iles d' Hyères. The prefecture reminded residents and visitors that there should be no work that may cause fires to break out, cigarette ends must not be thrown on the ground and there is a prohibition on barbecues near the forests.

The Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur Regional Health Agency has announced the allocation of new funds to improve the care of road accident victims. It said that over five million euros will be spent in the rehabilitation and medico-social services of the region. More than 7,500 people are injured each year on the roads of the PACA region, according to the agency.

The town hall in Cap d'Ail has issued a decree prohibiting bathing at Plage Marquet on a temporary basis until further notice. The decree is being made because of the quality of the bathing water.

A woman has been arrested at the hospital in Cannes after violent and threatening behaviour towards staff. Local reports say that the woman was drunk and was angry at waiting times.



Cineworld has confirmed it is considering filing for bankruptcy in the United States. The company said that it was looking at various options for how to restructure the business but said that its cinemas "remain open for business" and that there would be "no significant impact" on jobs.

Germany's central bank has warned that a recession is increasingly likely. In its monthly reports released today the Bundesbank said that "the high degree of uncertainty" over gas supplies this winter and sharp price increases are likely to weigh heavily on households and businesses.



Cricket... England's schedule for three Test matches in Pakistan in December has been confirmed. They will take place in Rawalpindi, Multan and Karachi. The tour's first leg will see England's men’s team play seven Twenty20s in Pakistan from 20 September to 2 October. It's their first tour of Pakistan since 2005.

England white-ball captain Jos Buttler has been ruled out of The Hundred because of a calf injury. It is expected that he’ll be fit for the tour of Pakistan and the Twenty20 World Cup.

Football..There's one match in the English Premier League tonight. Manchester United play Liverpool. Kick-off is at 9pm our time.


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