Coronavirus poll

Coronavirus - A new survey has revealed that 93% of French people approve the implementation of confinement limiting movement .

An Elabe poll carried out reveals that more than 8 out of 10 are now "worried". Consequently, an overwhelming majority of French people adhere to the strict restrictive measures put in place and announced on Monday by Emmanuel Macron.

Meanwhile Agnes Buzyn former Heath Minister has said in an interview with Le Monde, that the local elections were "a masquerade" in view of the epidemic of coronavirus. She also claims to have pleaded with the President of the Republic for a postponement of the first round.

Buzyn claims to have warned the state summit that the elections should not be held, and that she knew "that the tsunami wave was on its way". Predicting even "thousands of dead¨. The comments has lead to political opposition calling for explanations. Far right leader of the National Rally Marine Le Pen wants the former Minister of Health and doctor to be heard by "the Court of Justice, and perhaps the High Court will have to be seized."adding that "If the words of Agnès Buzyn reflect the truth, it is a very serious state scandal". Faced with the controversy, Agnès Buzyn wanted to minimize the reaction to her remarks, explaining that "the comments are based on personal perceptions.

Agnès Buzyn says she does not wish to continue campaigning as candidate for mayor of Paris, under these conditions, concluding that "In the coming weeks, I can only be a doctor" and not a candidate ¨.

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