Travel from Monaco to France

Travel from Monaco to France - As part of France’s new border regulations in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, people of Monegasque nationality and foreign residents of the Principality can still travel to France between 6am and 6pm, within a radius of 30 kilometers from your home for trips lasting less than 24 hours. Any trip further than the 30km radius and longer than 24 hours must be in possession of a justification - can be download at and a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours. Those exempt from this obligation are cross-border workers and truck drivers. This therefore means that a resident of the Principality wishing to go beyond 30km from his home (for example to Auron or Valberg for the weekend) will have to in the event of a control, present a negative result of a PCR test of less than 72 hours along with justification of a compelling nature.

Meanwhile in the Principality there is a curfew in place from 7pm to 6am. Exemption from the curfew is for professional, medical, family reasons, or to take pets out for a short time. Restaurants are only open for lunch and are closed for dinner. Take-out is allowed until 7pm. Delivery services are authorized until 9pm. Access to restaurants for lunch will be limited to people who have proof of residency or work in Monaco. Reservations are an obligation in restaurants and tables are restricted to 6 maximum.

Wearing a mask is compulsory throughout public spaces, as well as in all enclosed places open to the public and common areas of private spaces. The obligation to wear a mask does not apply to children under 5 years old and to people practicing outdoor sports. However, they must have a mask in their pocket if necessary. Sports halls, swimming pools, jacuzzi, steam rooms and saunas are closed. Indoor sports are prohibited, including school sports. Private sports lessons with a coach are allowed.

Teleworking is highly recommended in the private and public sector. Public services remain open. Businesses are open respecting the curfew hours. Banks, construction sites and businesses continue to operate. Establishments are open to the public within the curfew hours such as Museums and Exhibition halls and hotel establishments are open.

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