Traffic of luxury watches

Traffic of luxury watches - Nine people have been arrested suspected of being involved in this vast traffic of luxury watches. The arrests come as part of an investigation launched in the summer of 2021 and initiated by the judicial police of Nice. For several years hundreds of watches whose value could vary from 10,000 to 400,000 euros, were stolen, sometimes violently, in several European cities. The thieves resold their loot at half price to the presumed leader of the network, a 42-year-old Corsican, who then sold them on. The latter used watchmakers and jewellers in Nice, Lyon, Paris, Andorra and Antwerp to remove the origin of these numbered luxury watches and repackaged them in packaging, thus falsifying their "traceability". A total of 152 watches, 137,000 euros in cash, 3 vehicles and 3 kg of cocaine as well as blank certificates of authenticity and spare parts with non-visible serial numbers were found, "hidden" in France and Belgium during the arrests carried out between June 21st and 23rd.

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