Tiktok under investigation

Tiktok under investigation - Accused of harming children's mental health, Tiktok is under investigation over its algorithms and methods of marketing to young people. A coalition of eight American states, including California and Florida, have announced the launch of an investigation into the very popular TikTok application, known for its short, musical or parody videos, skilfully selected by algorithms according to the tastes of users. The authorities accuse TikTok, a subsidiary of the Chinese group ByteDance, of encouraging children to spend more and more time on the app. In the United States, TikTok is accessible to people under 13 as long as they use a version modified for them. TikTok reacted to news of the investigation by promising to "provide information about the many safety and privacy safeguards they have for teens”. The US states want to examine "techniques used by TikTok to encourage young people" to spend more time on the app as well as their reaction to content and interaction with creators”.



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