Riviera Radio Weekend News Sunday 19th April 2020


President of Medical Commission of the CHU of Nice - Thierry Piche, president of the Medical Commission of the CHU of Nice says there is "a clear improvement in the Alpes-Maritimes concerning the coronavirus while adding that he was concerned, however, that the people in the region have given up seeking treatment for conditions unrelated to Covid-19. 

Thierry Piche has expressed that  "The epidemic situation is clearly improving. On Friday, there were no new Covid-19 positive cases out of the 83 screenings carried out. The number of patients hospitalized in intensive care has decreased. Eighteen patients are currently being treated in critical care units. There are seventeen in the other establishments in the department and in Monaco".

"The Regional Health Agency (ARS) observes an increasing trend in the PACA region, but this is not true in the Alpes-Maritimes where 175 Covid-19 patients are currently treated in hospitals and clinics" said Piche. 

Adding that "In addition, contamination between care workers and patients has been contained.  At Nice University Hospital, there were no contaminations between care workers and the patients. The protective measures put in place in all of the services have shown to be effective".

He concluded that the epidemic is still there. "The effects of confinement are real" as It has allowed us to control the hospitals. "It is reasonable to hope that the gradual lifting of the confinement will not cause a greater wave than the first, thanks in particular to compliance with the barrier measures".

"Sixty resuscitation beds have been taken in anticipation of a second wave of the epidemic. In the ciris hospital structures have shown that they have been able to organize themselves. Hospitals and clinics have developed agile organizations that have adapted to needs".

"The slogan "Stay at home" is still valid, but it should not be interpreted as: "Do not neglect other treatments". Far too many patients have deserted medical offices, hospitals and clinics for fear of the Covid-19. We note cases of myocardial infarction detected too late and an unusually high rate of amputations for vascular diseases. For understandable reasons, colonoscopy rates have never been lower while March was the month for colon cancer screening. 

Testing for coronavirus - The Scientific Council has announced that 150,000 screening tests should be carried out every day from mid-May. There are two types of test: Firstly the serological one which indicates whether a person has been in contact with Covid-19 and a second one called RTPCR which detects contamination. The RTPCR is fundamental for the end of confinement according to the council. There are currently 35,000 test being carried out daily. 

Immunity, can people catch the virus again after being infected once? - Concerning the question as to, if there is Immunity from the virus after being infected? The council suggest that this is "likely" but not absolute "

Warning that "When you have antibodies after Covid-19, you are probably protected, but they may not be durable. For those who have become reinfected with Covid-19, doctors do not know if it is a reactivation of the virus which had remained or a new contamination. Concluding that while probably, the majority of those contaminated have antibodies are protected, it is certainly not absolute ", 

Masks - Concerning masks the council says that  all French poeple must be able to access a mask in order to end the confinement. In addition the scientific council adds that the use of masks "should not make one forget the measures of social distancing". 

Extending containment for those at risk - The president of the scientific council, Jean-François Delfraissy has said this Sunday morning that "extending confinement for those at risk "is an individual decision". Explaining that initial comments by the council had "been misunderstood. From a health point of view, we want to indicate that people at risk can develop a serious form of Covid-19, which will remain after confinement. The recommendation is to tell them to try to maintain a certain form of confinement, but it is an individual decision, obviously. We are in a phenomenon of individual responsibility. To gain trust, you have to trust, "he said. 

Bernard Tapie speaks of Macron's handling of the coronavirus - The French businessman and ex-minister Bernard Tapie believes, that it will be necessary to await "the final whistle" in the "match against death" against the coronavirus to judge the management of the crisis by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Speaking to French Media on Saturday Tapie said that "the French can only judge Macron on the final whistle! ". 

According to Bernard Tapie former boss of the Olympique de Marseille, the health crisis makes "appear a new Macron", "more human, less theatrical". "He was direct, he recognized shortcomings and sometimes even mistakes", he adds, applauding the approach of the Head of State. 


Are parents confined with children on the verge of a nervous breakdown? - A toll free helpline has been made available in order to help parents confined with children on 0805 382 300  "Allô Parents Confinés".

Locally the line has been set up in Le Cannet in the Alpes-Maritimes. A spokesperson for the sevice in Le Cannet said that they are currently recieving between 20 and 50 calls every day. The anxieties linked to confinement concern not only the virus, but also home schooling, single parenting, cramped housing or insecurity.

On the phone, parents are able to ease the load and explore a few simple ways to recharge, and reconnect despite the confinement. 




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