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France’s Director of Health advices young patients to watch for certain symptoms - Jerome Salomon advises young patients to call 15 if they are short of breath or have difficulty breathing.

While the elderly and frail are generally more attentive to their state of health, Jérôme Salomon called on the youngest to watch for certain symptoms of the coronavirus, alerting them to cases of sudden worsening of the state of certain patients.

"It is an alert that I wanted to share with you, especially perhaps for the youngest subjects". Friday evening, during his daily update, the Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon wanted to send a prevention message to the sick "the youngest", which included in his speech young adults but also adults between 40 and 60 years.

Lastest number cases in France - Coronavirus: death toll rises to 1,995 deaths and 32,964 confirmed cases in France.

Monaco extends confinement - H.S.H. Prince Albert II Monaco and, as per measures taken by France on Friday, has extended the decision of March 17th on the temporary regulation of travel in the Principality until April 15th 2020 inclusive. 

In order to continue the efforts made over the past ten days to try to contain the spread of the virus, the travel restriction measures are extended for a renewable period of two weeks starting next Tuesday.

It is essential to remember that the virus does not circulate alone, it is the movement of people that promotes the pandemic. It is for this reason that the Government in Monaco at the request of H.S.H. Prince Albert, has taken a series of necessary measures to protect the national community. 
Only limited travel to get food, to get medical treatment, to assist a family member is allowed. A short outing to walk pets or for individual sports is also allowed.
Places open to the public, which are not essential to the life of the country, remain closed (in particular restaurants, cafes, concert halls, cinemas, casinos and nightclubs).

Remaining open:

• Food stores and markets,
• Pharmacies,
• Tobacco and press offices,
• Petrol stations and banks.

Nighttime travel restrictions between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. are also maintained.  
Shops will no longer have to accept visitors from 9:30 p.m.

These restrictions on night movements do not apply to personnel duly authorized to move due to the essential nature of their missions such as: care and assistance personnel, security and salubrity forces or any other person justifying 'an imperative necessity like for example, the assistance to a fragile person.
Public Security will ensure the strict application of the measures laid down and will be empowered to verbalize offenders with a fine of up to 200 euros.

9 new coronavirus cases in the Principality -  evening saw health authorities in the Principality confirm 9 new cases of COVID-19.

This brings the number of people affected by the coronavirus in the Principality to 42, including one who is now cured.
The Prince's Government reaffirms the need to observe the recommended health precautions.


Carrefour employée dies from coronavirus - Carrefour management in France has confirmed the death of an employee from the coronavirus. The 52-year-old employee was a cashier at the Saint-Denis Basilique store (Seine-Saint-Denis). "It is an absolute drama. Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones. We have set up a psychological unit to be alongside colleagues, who are very affected," said the group.

In a press release the CGT union said "She was one of the invisible, adding Aïcha, who had been "recently elected" union delegate, died of coronavirus "after having wanted to support her work colleagues exposed by this gigantic distribution group".

For the CGT, Carrefour took "reckless risks for its workers" by preferring "to keep the crowds crowded in its hypermarkets. The union also points to having "alerted every day" on "the lack of clear health instructions, non-compliance with barrier measures and above all the cruel lack of means of protection".

"For Aïcha, there will be no national tribute, there will not even be any recognition of the Carrefour group towards this elected 'anonymous' staff passed by us without us really seeing it, like all these big ladies of history, who undoubtedly paid with their lives, their sacrifice to others ", ends the CGT in its press release.

The union identifies "today (in its sectors) more than 550 suspected cases and 181 proven cases, including several serious" and claims that employees be equipped with masks. The CGT also asks the government to impose on large retailers "to open only the shelves of essential products, to limit the opening hours and to close on Sundays."

Scam Alert - While some are doing everything to do the right thing during the current health crisis, others are hellbent on doing the wrong thing, as the number of scams worldwide reports a sharp increase.

The latest: a fake Netflix offer reported by authorities in France. 
A fake site uses the Netflix visual to try to steal your personal data. How? 'Or' What? By promising you free access to the streaming platform during the entire confinement period if you answer a short questionnaire.

"The site tells you that you have" won "and that you must forward this offer to ten of your Whatsapp contacts before continuing. Once this is done, you will be dragged from the web page on the web page, all with different URLs. The prize will go from free use of the platform to obtaining a smartphone, before landing on a page where your bank details are required "......

What if you've been tricked?

"Notify your bank to block future direct debits and cancel your bank card. Also file a complaint. The more complaints the police receive, the more likely they will be able to find scammers,".




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