News - Wednesday, November 23rd

World Cup

France kicked off their World Cup campaign last night with a convincing win over Australia, despite a nervous start. There’ll be more details in our World Cup report in the sports section below


Macron hosts European CEOs to counter us move temptation

French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday hosted a number of European chief executives to persuade them to stay in France rather than move production to the United States, where lower energy prices and the Inflation Reduction Act is proving a lure.

At the Elysee palace, the president sought to convince executives from companies such as BMW, AstraZenica, Orange and Ericcson  to stay in Europe and choose France for their future investments.

Macron has previously called on the European Union to launch its own ‘European Buy Act’ to subsidise European production, but has encountered resistance from the more anti-protectionist members of the bloc.


French magistrates go on strike over work conditions that encourage 'cheap justice'

Unions representing magistrates, lawyers and clerks have called for demonstrations and strikes across France yesterday to protest against deteriorating work conditions which, they say, are creating a system of "cheap justice".

Rallies took place throughout the day to express frustration over the "titanic workload".

The Unions acknowledge that recruitment of magistrates and registry officials have been planned for 2023, but they argue that these are largely insufficient and no clear action plan has been defined”


Ciotti under investigation

Eric Ciotti has spoken out following the opening of an investigation into conflict of interest and embezzlement around the jobs of his ex-wife. According to allegations published in Le Canard Enchainé, Caroline Magne, has for several years accumulated numerous generously paid jobs of a political nature during the various mandates of the member of Parliament. M. Ciotti claims that all employment was fully legitimate and totally transparent. Éric Ciotti  has represented the Alpes-Maritimes in the National Assembly since 2007


Avalanche risk

Hikers have been warned to be vigilant in the region’s mountains due to a serious risk of avalanches particularly in the Hautes Alpes. Due to recent snowfalls, the department of has been placed on a yellow alert and th