News update 10am - Fire in the Var

Fires in the Var: Around twenty people have been slightly injured and thousands of people evacuated; Some 750 firefighters are fighting a very virulent forest fire.

The forest fire, which broke out shortly before 6 p.m. on Monday August 16 in Gonfaron (Var), has already burned 5,000 hectares, according to the prefecture's latest situation update.

About twenty people were slightly injured according to a "very provisional assessment", said the prefect of Var on France Bleu Provence.

Thousands of people evacuated. Several thousand people, including tourists, were evacuated. The Charlemagne campsite in Grimaud has completely burned down.

No less than 750 firefighters are mobilized, specified in the night the prefecture of Var.

The prefecture calls for caution. "Do not clutter the access roads, do not stay near the fire to take photos or videos", asks the prefecture.

Gérald Darmanin expected on site. "I will go to Gonfaron tomorrow to follow the progress of the massive forest fire," the Minister of the Interior announced yesterday.

#VAR The prefecture warns that the fire is still active, and urges motorists not to drive between Borme-les-Mimosas and Saint-Tropez "unless there is a compelling reason". Sections of seven departmental roads are closed.

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