News - Friday, November 18th


Monaco’s response to the energy crisis - The Monaco government has announced a €30 million euro plan to cap energy prices for businesses and individuals. The solution comes in the form of a variety pack of tariffs that differ between individuals, small businesses and the country’s largest consumers. 

The Minister of State Pierre Dartout believes this policy will safeguard residents' purchasing power and the competitiveness of companies in the Principality, insisting that without the caps consumers would have had to suffer an increase of 75% on average for electricity prices. Gas is not concerned by these measures in so far as the national operator, SMEG, has provisioned all purchases for the year 2023.

Heating in public buildings in Monaco will now be set at a maximum 19°, although there will be a 2° tolerance in schools, old people’s homes and in the hospital. Lights in bus shelters and public buildings will now be switched off at 10 pm.

The government is also making recommendations to the private sector, putting the emphasis on good sense rather than imposing laws.

  • Heating should be set to a maximum of 19°
  • For shops, illuminated signs and shop windows should be switched off from 11 p.m. 
  • Lighting, heating and air conditioning should be turned off in unoccupied spaces in shops, offices or at home. Portable heaters should be avoided. 
  • There’s a reminder that household devices on standby, like computers, account for 10% of home electricity consumption and should be turned off at all time.
  • As much as possible, walking, cycling and public transport should be prioritised over use of cars. 

The government will also be reintroducing subsidies for energy efficient appliances. Yesterday, we reported that the traditional winter ice rink has been cancelled, but there will still be Christmas illuminations although most of these will be switched off at 11pm.

Migrants fleeing - 26 young migrants have run away from their reception centre in the Var following their arrival on the Ocean Viking ship less than a week ago. According to Le Figaro, most of these minors are Eritreans who have chosen to illegally join family or friends in Germany. The remaining 18 minors are staying at the hotel and are being supported medically and socially by the department’s social services.

Cash compulsory - Two of France’s largest supermarket chains are being forced to accept cash at all times following attempts to fully automate certain stores on Sundays with self-service check-out tills that do not accept cash and note