Lunchtime News Wednesday 29th September 2021


Deadly accident on Promenade des Anglais - A man in his thirties has been killed in a road accident on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice in the early hours of this morning. According to reports the victim was knocked down by a car at around 1.30am, near 197, Promenade des Anglais near the crossroads with avenue de Fabron. Emergency services were quick to intervene and tried in vain to resuscitate the victim who had been thrown several tens of meters from the point of impact. A police investigation is underway.

Commander Christophe David tragically killed in road accident – Meanwhile the Prince's Government here in Monaco has said that “it’s with great sadness that they learnt of the death of Commander Christophe David”. In the statement published on Tuesday September 28th, the Prince’s government expressed its “most sincere condolences to the family and relatives of Commander Christophe David, as well as all police officers offering its full support”. The 44-year-old senior policemen here in Monaco Commander Christophe David, was killed in a road accident on the Moyenne Corniche between Villefranche sur Mer and Eze at 9am while on his way to work, on Tuesday morning. The tragedy comes after the death of two Monaco firefighters on motorbikes earlier this month.

Toll free number to be launched on Friday to help people in France with mental health issue - A toll-free number is to be launched in France to assist people suffering from mental health issues. France’s Minister of Health Olivier Veran announced this morning that the service "31 14" will be operational from this Friday 1st October. Available 24/7 the service will provide advice from professionals. "For the first time, there will be a telephone number that all French people can contact said the minister pointing out that "suicide is the second cause of death among young people in France after road accidents". "

Hospital capacity in France - The covid pandemic has not stopped the relentless reduction in hospital beds in France with more than 5,700 beds being eliminated last year. According to a study by the Ministry of Health published today, Wednesday September 29th, at the same time, French health establishments have created nearly 1,400 places for partial hospitalization due to the epidemic with "many double rooms transformed into single rooms to limit contagion. France now has less than 3,000 hospitals and clinics. "Under the effect of reorganizations and restructuring", 25 establishments closed last year, according to study. The 2,983 structures still open at the end of 2020 had exactly 386,835 full hospital beds at the end of 2020, or 5,758 fewer in one year.

Health pass becomes mandatory from tomorrow for adolescents - Meanwhile as a reminder; from tomorrow 30th September, the health pass will be mandatory for adolescents in France from 12 years and two months old, to access certain places. Since June 5th, more than three million adolescents have already been vaccinated. 71% of them have received at least one dose and 63% both injections.

Mont Blanc has lost one metre in four years - According to the latest report published today Mont Blanc has lost one metre in four years and now stands at 4,807.81 meters. Every two years, a team of expert surveyors measures the Mont Blanc and according to their calculations, the height of Mont Blanc decreases on average by ten centimeters every year. The previous measurement published in 2017 by these same surveyors was 4,808.72 metres.


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