Lunchtime News Wednesday 22nd September 2021


Man, who help to save drowning woman is found dead - The man who disappeared on Sunday September 19th at Lake Saint-Cassien has been found dead. The 50-year-old had dived into the lake to save a 20-year-old woman and had failed to resurface. After 24 hours, his body was found by divers from the national gendarmerie on Monday.

The young woman had been taken care of by the emergency services on Sunday, before being evacuated to the Hospital Center of Fréjus-Saint-Raphaël in the Var.

Will health measures soon change in France? – Today French President Emmanuel Macron is to hold a health defense council meeting. Ahead of the meeting the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, had underlined the improvement of the epidemic situation and mentioned a "reflection" to "adapt the rules" to "the evolution of the situation on a local basis”.

Faced with an improvement in the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in France, Macron said he was ready to "lift certain constraints" in "regions where the virus is circulating less”.

On Tuesday, Public Health France reported that 8,594 people were hospitalized, 251 less than the day before. This figure has fallen by nearly a quarter since early September. In intensive care to date there are 1,744 patients.

2022 budget denounced by the High Council of Public Finances - The last budget of Emmanuel Macron's five-year term has been “blasted” by the High Council of Public Finances which has today denounced it as “an incomplete 2022 budget” which prevents giving a “fully enlightened” opinion because "far-reaching measures" planned by the government were not included in the document sent to this independent body, responsible for assessing the credibility of the government's budget forecasts.

The draft text that the government is due to adopt in the Council of Ministers today does not include the investment plan and the engagement income for young people, on which the Head of State is still working, and which should represent several billion euros of additional expenses.

On the revenue front, the independent body considers the government's 6% growth forecast for 2021 to be "cautious", which suggests more revenue if the economy does better. It also considers the forecast of 4% growth for 2022 as "plausible".

At this stage, the government is forecasting a decrease in overall state spending of 34.5 billion euros (-7.9%) due to the decrease in emergency support and recovery spending. But the so-called "controllable" expenses, which correspond to the actions of the ministries, will increase by nearly 12 billion euros.

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