Lunchtime News Wednesday 19th January 2022


Man reported missing at sea - A 63 year old man has been reported missing after falling from a speedboat. Sea rescue services were alerted shortly after 8.30pm on Tuesday evening after the man reportedly fell into the sea off Sausset-les Pins west of Marseille, two other passengers were onboard at the time. Rescue services abandoned the search in the early hours of this morning. In 2021, sea rescue services carried out 9,386 interventions. 1,651 lives were saved, 37 people died and 6 disappeared at sea.

Spanish national sentenced by Nice criminal court - A Spanish national has been fined 792,000 euros and handed a three year prison sentence by the Nice Criminal Court on Tuesday January 18th. The sentencing comes after the man was stopped by police at the La Turbie pay toll on the A8 motorway and found to be in possession of 400 kilos of cannabis.

SOS Médecins in Toulon suspend their services - SOS Médecins in Toulon have suspended their services following the aggression on a fellow colleague on Monday evening. The decision was announced on Tuesday January 18th, following a general meeting. The assault took place on the night of Monday January 17 to Tuesday January 18 at around 2.30am. The victim a doctor, was at the time returning from a visit to a patient and was attacked in the Pont-du-Las district of Toulon. The doctor had his car stolen, even though it had the "SOS Médecins" logo, as well as his medical equipment. The vehicle and medical equipment were found in the neighbourhood a few hours later. The activity of SOS Médecins will not resume until tomorrow morning Thursday 20th January at 8am. The doctor has since filed a complaint with the Toulon police station.

Road accident - A motorcyclist has been seriously injured in a road accident on the D555 between Arcs-sur-Argens and Trans-en-Provence in the Var. The accident involving three vehicles and a motorcycle occurred on Tuesday evening shortly after 6.30pm. Emergency services intervened and the victim was taken to hospital in Toulon.

Fines – Meanwhile twenty seven fines have been issued in just an hour and a half in the centre of Nice on Tuesday after police carried out spot checks on two-wheeler motorists. The controls were carried out as part of a collaboration between a neighbourhood committee in the area and the local police.

Saint Tropez Marathon cancelled - The Marathon of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez has been cancelled for the 3rd consecutive year. Due to take place on April 5th and following the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 editions, the city council announced its cancellation on Tuesday due to the current health situation.

School canteens in Bordeaux forced to suspend services due to lack of staff - The city of Bordeaux has announced the suspension of school dinners for at least two days a week due to lack of staff (off sick with covid). From January 24th to February 11th, there will be no meals served on Mondays and Thursdays in nursery, and Tuesdays and Fridays in primary schools. Parents can provide a packed lunch for their child - who will still be supervised during the lunch break - or pick them up to eat at home.

Exceptional aid - French Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced an "exceptional aid" for two months for certain hotel, catering and event companies. The aid will be equal to 20% of the amount of their gross payroll. Castex announced new support measures in the face of restrictions linked to covid. Companies with less than 250 employees in these sectors will be able to benefit from "exceptional aid for the payment of employee contributions" as soon as a loss of turnover of at least 30% in the months of December and January.



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