Lunchtime News.Tuesday July 28th 2020

Accident-Two people have been seriously injured following a collision between a motor scooter and a bicycle in Antibes.

Police say that the accident took place at around 2am on the chemin de Peyregoue and that two 18 year old youths have been taken to hospital in a serious condition.

An enquiry is underway into the cause of the accident.


Jailed- A 24 year old man has been jailed for 8 months by the Toulon criminal tribunal for driving without a license and giving police a false address.

The man told the court that he had been driving as the other occupants of the car were over the legal alcohol limit.

He was stopped by a CRS police patrol on the A50 motorway on the night of the 17th of July.

The court heard that the man was about to become a father for the first time and agreed to a reduced sentence of 4 months for the driving and false address offences but he’ll have to serve a total of 8 months for an unrelated drugs offence dating from last year.


Get fit ! – Free fitness classes are being offered every Monday and Friday morning at the Miramar beach in La Londe.

A qualified fitness instructor is giving the classes which are open to everyone and are being organised in conjunction with the local town hall.

The classes last for an hour and start at 9.30 and participants are promised a “proper workout”.

It’s the fourth year in a row that the courses have been offered and they run until the end of August.


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Covid-10 curfew-Authorities in Brittany have ordered night-time curfews in the resort town of Quiberon after a new cluster of Covid-19 cases emerged last week.

Parks and gardens in the town will also be closed at night in an attempt to prevent large gatherings of young people.

Authorities across France are on high alert as people travel from region to region for the summer holidays ,heightening the risk of fresh outbreaks of the virus.

Quiberon reported its first case of coronavirus a week ago and the number of infections has since grown to 54.


Police pay-President Macron has allocated an envelope of 10 million euros to pay bonuses to police on duty during the night.

The move follows a meeting between the President and police anti-criminal brigade representatives on Monday.

Bonuses of around 100 euros per officer will be paid to take into account the increased danger being faced by police on duty at night in big cities around the country.

A fund of 75 million euros is also to be set up to renew police equipment including to the force’s fleet of cars.

The money has already been approved as part of the 2021 finance bill.

Authorities around France have been coming under mounting pressure in recent weeks and months from rival drug gangs in inner city areas who have been fighting increasingly violent turf wars.

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