Lunchtime News Tuesday 9th November 2021


73-year-old man dies in apartment fire - A 73-year-old man has died this morning after a fire broke out in his apartment in Plan-de-la-Tour in the Var. Neighbours raised the alarm after smoke was seen coming from the apartment at around 7am. Emergency services intervened but were unable to save the victim.

Delays and cancellations on train network - There have been delays and cancellations this morning on the train network between Marseille and Nice after a freight train, according to the SNCF "from another rail transport company" broke down in Les Arcs. Traffic gradually resumed from 8.30 this morning.

Health defense council meeting ahead of Macron's address this evening - A health defense council meeting is to be held today ahead of Emmanuel Macron's address this evening. The council will decide on the possibility of a booster dose of the covid vaccination.

Moderna vaccine not recommended those under 30 – Meanwhile, Professor Alain Fischer president of the vaccine strategy policy council in France, has said that "there is nothing to worry about" following the announcement on Monday 8th November that the Moderna vaccine is not recommended for those under 30. Adding that it's a "very reasonable precautionary measure".

France's High Health Authority has announced that it is now advising against the Moderna vaccine for anyone under 30 due to a possible increased risk of the inflammation of the heart muscle in younger people.

Thomas Pesquet returns to earth - After more than six months in orbit French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has landed back on Earth. Pesquet and the three other members of his team landed this morning shortly after 4.30am French time off the coast of Florida. The astronauts will be taken to NASA's space centre in Houston Texas to undergo medical tests before flying to Germany to the European Astronaut Centre.

Wooden Apple-1 computer to be auctioned today - A wooden  Apple-1, the first computer model ever marketed  by the Apple firm from 1976, is to be auctioned today in Southern California and could start at more than a million dollars. The company founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs  built a total of only 200 Apple-1s, all assembled by hand. Today only a handful still work. This model is also accompanied by all the original accessories provided by Apple nearly half a century ago, as well as a monitor signed Panasonic.

And Finally 

According to a major new study going to bed during the 'golden hour' between 10pm and 11pm slashes the risk of developing heart disease.

Scientists found there is a link between bedtimes and heart attacks and stroke, particularly in women, with those who stay up late more at risk. The study by the University of Exeter said going to bed after midnight may damage the heart as people are less likely to see morning light, disrupting the natural body clock.

The research found the lowest rate of heart problems was in those who went to sleep between 10pm and 10.59pm each night.


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