Lunchtime News Tuesday 3rd November 2020


Arrests made in connection with Nice attack - Four men have been arrested this morning in Val-d'Oise as part of the investigation into the Nice attack. An individual from Tunisia, aged 29, is suspected of having been in contact with the perpetrator of the attack. Three other men present in the home during the arrest were also arrested.

Fines - As part of the new lockdown restrictions police have carried out controls at the Bandol pay toll in the Var. Twelve fines were issued in the space on one hour on Monday afternoon.

While the French government announced that until Sunday due to people returning from vacation exceptions would be made, there is now a “zero tolerance” in place with all motorists required to have the necessary paperwork in order to circulate and the number of police controls increasing over the coming days.

Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has called for “national union” - Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has called for “national union”. Raffarin has criticized in particular the mayors who signed decrees authorizing the opening of small shops, saying that “of course he defends small businesses. But what we need is discipline all the same. By no longer respecting the rules, we no longer make a Nation”. He concluded that "the situation is too serious. In war, we must not attack the combatants, the Head of State” adding “I don't know if another government would be able to do any better and today we have to be united."

TousAntiCovid - France’s Secretary of State in charge of the digital transition Cédric O has said that he hopes that the number of users of the French government’s tracking application will double before the end of the lockdown.

In an interview with French media Cédric O, said that the TousAntiCovid mobile application must reach 15 million downloads within a month to "give us one more chance of succeeding in breaking out of lockdown”.

TousAntiCovid has so far been downloaded 7 million times or just over 10% of the population and 4.5 million additional activations in 10 days.

The app is supposed to detect when activated, other users located within one meter for more than 15 minutes.

Antigenic tests - Antigenic test for Covid-19 are soon to be made available in chemists in France. The rapid tests will be available in more than 50% of pharmacies by the end of the week according to authorities.

Almost 80% of pharmacists have ordered antigenic tests, half of them have already received them and nearly 10% have already performed rapid tests in their pharmacy.

Rapid antigenic tests do not require a prescription, and can also be performed by general practitioners and private nurses. The principle remains the same as for PCR tests: a swab in the nose which can detect the presence of the coronavirus. "Once you have made an appointment at the pharmacy, you will certainly be asked to complete a document with all the contact details to be able to identify the person doing the test".

The pharmacist will be wearing protective clothing along with a mask and gloves. Test results will be available 15 minutes after having carried out the test.

Estate agents unable to carry out visits during lockdown - The National Federation of Real Estate in France has expressed its dissatisfaction and incomprehension after new lockdown measures will mean that they are “unable to carry out visits to properties for sale or rentals”.

While agencies can still remain open potential clients are unable to travel to attend visits. Since May 11th special health measures were in place to allow visits to go ahead. The president of Century 21 Laurent Vimont is reportedly currently in talks with the government.

The government decision will not only halt real estate transactions significantly, but will also have a knock on effect on notaries and banks.

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