Lunchtime News Tuesday 30th November 2021


France's High Health Authority recommends vaccine - France's High Health Authority has today Tuesday 30th November, recommended the injection of the covid vaccine to children of 5–11-year-olds who are at "risk of a serious form of the disease" and also for those living in an entourage of "vulnerable people not protected by vaccination".

In addition, the HAS recommends strengthening the prevention of transmission in schools by maintaining barrier measures, regular ventilation of the premises and the periodic use of screening tests.

High school student attacks teacher - A high school student in Paris has assaulted his maths teacher. The incident occurred on Monday morning at the Lycée Montaigne. The 15-year-old second year student punched his teacher several times.

The world of education has been left "shocked" by the incident with the rectorate of Paris "condemning the violence and giving full support to the teacher and the entire educational team". The teacher was taken to hospital on Monday and the student was arrested by the police and taken into custody. A psychological cell is to be set up this Tuesday for students and school staff.

"Uber coke" - Police have dismantled a drug network in Avignon which saw dealers acting like uber deliveries in their distribution of cocaine dubbed "Uber coke". The recent method of selling drugs in this manner has been halted after officers closed dealing points in the city and made several arrests as part of the ongoing investigation.

Commuters suffer long delays on regions train network during Monday evening rush hour - Commuters have faced long delays on the regions train network between Monaco and Cannes during Monday evenings rush hour, which continued to affect services this morning Tuesday 30th November. The delays were reported to be caused by a "derailment with a train being evacuated between Antibes and Cannes". Many passengers took to social media to express their disbelieve at the "lack of information given by the SNCF" as calls to the operator were saturated and some spoke of the journey from "Monaco to Cannes which took them up to 4 hours".

Tunnel closed in Nice – Meanwhile the Liautaud tunnel in Nice has been closed this morning Tuesday 30th Nov