Lunchtime News Tuesday 28th September 2021


New health protocol to be tested in primary schools in ten departments of France - A new health protocol is soon to be tested in primary schools in France in "a dozen departments". The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced today Tuesday, September 28th the experimentation of a new health protocol in primary schools in "ten departments", "probably from the beginning of next week". It consists of each time that there is a positive case the whole class is tested and only those who test positive are sent home. If a student's parent refuses to have their child tested, "the student will be considered positive".

Meanwhile speaking to French media this morning Blanquer said that the obligation to wear a mask in elementary schools, from next Monday, will concern "between a third and half of departments in France".

Is France heading towards a new naval battle in the English Channel? - Two days before the provisional licenses expire in Anglo-Norman waters, Paris has raised its tone, pressed by French fishermen who are ready block access to Jersey. Speaking on Monday to the French Ministry of the Sea they indicated that "We will not accept new conditions. All our requests are justified, we want final authorizations”.

France, which is still awaiting responses to 169 requests for final authorizations in Jersey, 168 in Guernsey and 87 in the 6 to 12-mile zone off the British coast, warns that its "response will be proportional to the British offer".

Macron calls for Europeans to “stop being naïve and to be respected by the US” - Meanwhile during a press conference with the Greek Prime Minister, the French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Europeans to "stop being naïve" by "drawing the consequences" of the new strategic choices of the United States, turned towards their rivalry with China. Macron made the comment during the signing of a new defense agreement at the Elysee Palace today Tuesday, September 28th.

Internet access - France info has this morning reported that from Thursday, September 30th, at 4pm, 1 minute and 15 seconds 800 million connected devices may no longer be able to connect. Millions of devices could find themselves unable to access the internet due to a security certificate expiring. This mainly concerns PCs, smartphones and consoles running on very old operating systems, which will need to be updated, if possible.

The alarm has been raised by British security researcher and lecturer Scott Helme in a blog post. Helme explains that, in a chain reaction, the expiry of a security certificate (IdentTrust DST Root CA X3), on Sept 30th may deprive many non-updated devices of Internet access.

More recent devices, those less than five years old, should not be affected, but those still running an old operating system may need to be updated to avoid the risk of becoming obsolete or, at the very least, unable to connect to the Internet.

Users are strongly advised to update the operating system of all their connected devices and to note that there is a workaround solution if you can’t update your devices’ OS to a newer version. This involves installing Firefox. Which is a web browser that does not take into account the security certificates of the operating system in use when accessing the Internet.

Lego - Lego has broken new records in 2021. According to a record profit and revenue posted today Tuesday 28th September, for the first half of 2021, marked by strong demand and the easing of restrictions linked to the pandemic Denmark’s Lego is one of the world's toy giants.

The family group, which is not listed on the stock exchange, has more than doubled its net profit, to more than 847 million euros. Turnover jumped 46% to 3.1 billion euros.

After an already record year in 2020 with sales up 21% to 5.88 billion euros, Lego has started 2021 on an even stronger footing. It's the fourth consecutive year of revenue growth for Lego.

While Lego is benefiting from the good momentum in the toy market, it also owes its success to its new licenses and innovations. Launched in 2020, the Super Mario range in partnership with Nintendo, which combines physical and online games, has risen among the group's best sellers with Lego City, Lego Technic, Lego Star Wars and Lego Friends.

And after video games, Lego has entered the music segment with the launch this year of Vidiyo with Universal Music, which allows players to make online clips with the brand's minifigures and bricks.


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