Lunchtime News Tuesday 22nd February 2022


Missing person - Police in the Alpes de Haute Provence are continuing to search for a man in his 50s who has not been seen since Monday morning. The 57-year-old man was last seen on Monday leaving his home, heading to work in Manosque in the Saint-Maime sector, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. He was at the time wearing a black jacket and jeans. Anyone with any information is invited to contact the police.

15-year-old stopped for speeding and without a license - A 15-year-old has been arrested in the Gard after being caught speeding at 170km an hour on the motorway. The teenager was accompanied by his father when he was stopped on Saturday by the gendarmerie on the A9 motorway. Police later discovered that the 15-year-old had just been registered in a driving school and did not even have the highway code. The vehicle was seized, and the minor has been prosecuted for driving without a license and speeding. His father, meanwhile, is charged for complicity in driving without a license.

Health minister to be heard in the Senate this morning - France’s health minister Olivier Véran is to be heard this Tuesday morning in front of the Senate on the vaccine pass. The covid epidemic wave continued to decline in France on Monday, confirming a trend that had been underway for several weeks. The pressure has reduced in hospitals. A total of 28,383 patients are hospitalized with Covid, including 2,905 in critical care. Faced with this drop, the government has planned to lift the restrictions in mid-March.

France is to ban the import of meat from farmers using growth antibiotics - France’s Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie, has announced that France is to end imports of meat from animals treated with growth antibiotics the use of which has been prohibited in the European Union since 2006. Speaking on Monday the minister said that he considers that the practice is "nonsense in terms of environmental health". A decree, which is to be published today in the Official Journal will prohibit the import and marketing of these products for a period of one year. The text gives professionals two months to "question their suppliers and have the assurance that at the end of the day the meat does not come from breeding using growth antibiotics".

Eight out of ten young people in France intend to vote in the presidential elections – According to a recent survey carried out by Ipsos for the Federation of General Student Associations eight out of ten young people in France plan to vote in the presidential election. 49% of young people surveyed, aged under 30, are "certain" to vote, while 31% answer that they will "probably" vote. Meanwhile 60% of young people consider themselves "interested" in this election campaign. However, more than one in two young people (57%) believe that their concerns are not taken into account in this presidential campaign.

Among the main concerns for young people is purchasing power, for 33% of them, then the environment for 32% of them, then the economic and financial crisis for 21% of the young people questioned. Access to housing is also an important priority for 12% of young people.

Also according to the study, 82% of young people questioned think that the State should do more to fight against inequalities, while two thirds of young people (66%) believe that political leaders do not care enough about people of their generation.

Happiness - A new study carried out in France has shown that those living in the west of the country are the happiest. It also reveals that being in a couple, without children and aged between 50 and 65 helps, as this is when life satisfaction peaks. The happiest regions and cities were those in the west coast of the country. People living in Paris and similar sized cities and towns showed a lower level of happiness and while men are more likely to be satisfied by a hobby and work, women are happier from regular visits to their friends and family.




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