Lunchtime News Tuesday 1st March 2022


Strong winds - Due to strong gusts of wind in the region the city of Nice has chosen not to open its parks and gardens today Tuesday 1st March as a precaution. Access coastal paths have also been closed. Meteo France has not yet issued a weather alert but is monitoring the situation closely.

Carbon monoxide poisoning - Three people including a baby have been hospitalized overnight in Nice suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. The family with a 14-month-old baby were rescued from their home in Vallauris shortly after 3am. Emergency services intervened on the Chemin Saint Bernard and say that the gas boiler was the cause.

March 1st - As with the first of every month in France certain changes will come into effect today Tuesday March 1st, including an obligation to display the origin of meat served in restaurants and canteens for consumers. From March 15th 2021 restaurant vouchers will no longer be valid and employers have until March 31st to pay the exceptional purchasing power bonus known as the "Prime Macron". In 2021, 4 million French people benefited from it for an average amount of 500 euros.

Prince Albert condemns invasion of Ukraine – His Serene Highness  Prince Albert II of Monaco has strongly condemned the invasion of Ukraine. In a statement released on Monday the Prince expressed his full solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Novavax vaccine - Registration is now open in Monaco to those who wish to have the Novavax covid vaccine. To make an appointment you can call the Covid19 Call Center at or go online on the website: To benefit from the vaccine, you must be Monegasque, reside, work or study in Monaco.

Beaches to reduce in size - The city council of Saint-Tropez in the Var has required ahead of the summer season, that certain beach restaurants reduce in size. The reason is due to eroding beaches with establishments being requested to adjust as and where necessary.

Monaco E-Prix - The ticket office for the 5th Monaco E-prix is ​​now open. For the second consecutive year the electric single-seaters will take to the full circuit on Saturday April 30th, underlining the technological progress made by the discipline since its creation less than 10 years ago. You can now book your tickets online or at the ticket office.


Official ticket office: 44, rue Grimaldi.


Phone. 377.

And Finally

Today is Pancake Day. The annual Shrove Tuesday celebrations marks the eve of lent. Did you know that the first pancakes were made by Romans in the 1st Century AD. In Sweden you can order Blodplattar, which are pancakes made of pork blood. If you break the world record for the most pancakes eaten, you won’t be in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the category doesn’t exist. Finally, the town of Olney in England hosts an annual pancake race in celebration of “Pancake Day” and they’ve done it every year since 1445.


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