Lunchtime News Tuesday 15th February 2022

Lunchtime News

Vaccination pass - Today Tuesday 15th February, will see a change to the vaccination pass in France, with those who have not received a booster jab running the risk of losing their right to the pass. To coincide with the change authorities have invited those in possession of a false pass or having used somebody else's, to get vaccinated today to regularise their situation without the risk of being fined. On December 30th the Interior Minister reported at least 192,000 false passes in circulation in France.

Easing of health protocol in the office – Meanwhile, the French government is expected to further ease covid restrictions in the workplace with companies being able to once again, hold office gatherings in "compliance with strict barrier gestures". The move comes as teleworking is still "recommended" although it is left to the "discretion of the company's management".

Nightclubs to reopen from tomorrow Wednesday 16th February - And from tomorrow Wednesday 16th February nightclubs in France are to reopen and the consumption of food and drink in cinema’s and at the bar in restaurants as well as in stadiums and on public transport will once again be allowed.

Noise radars in French capital - Paris has introduced its first noise radar as part of a plan to fine loud motorcycles and other vehicles in one of Europe’s noisiest cities. In the next few months the city will test whether the radar can accurately identify the number plates of motorcycles or cars, after which the equipment will have to be officially approved by authorities by the end of 2022. Paris plans to start issuing fines from early 2023, while the government deploys more noise radars in other French cities including Nice.


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