Lunchtime News Thursday 3rd June 2021


Emergency numbers - France’s Minister of the Interior has this morning said that the breakdown of the Orange network on Wednesday June 2nd which disrupted access to emergency numbers in France was “serious and unacceptable”.

During a press conference, alongside the Secretary of State in charge of digital, Cédric O Gerald Darmanin, said that the incident had affected a service which receives "more than 150,000 daily calls”. Orange CEO Stéphane Richard is to meet with the Interior Ministry today to "take stock of the situation".

According to the operator Orange the “telephone network was restored at midnight last night but random problems are still possible” meaning that alternative numbers are to be maintained for each department. 

Alpes-Maritimes: SAMU (15) : 04 93 92 55 55 / Firefighters  (18) : 04 93 22 76 90 ou 04 93 22 75 90 - Emergency  (112) : 04 93 22 75 90

Var:  SAMU 04 94 14 56 88 /  Firefighters  : 04 94 60 30 39 / Police : 04 83 24 62 81 / Gendarmerie : 04 94 46 97 94

Vaccination against covid for 12 to 18-year olds from June 15th - French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that the vaccination for 12 to 18-year olds against covid will begin on June 15th. Speaking during a visit to the Lot region on Wednesday June 2nd, as part of the Head of States tour of France, ahead of the regional elections and less than a year before the presidential election, Macron also announced that the threshold of 30 million vaccinated would be reached by mid-June. The President called on the French to remain "extremely careful and vigilant" as the circulation of covid is progressing in certain parts of the country, in particular in the South-West.

Speaking on French television on Wednesday evening, the Minister of Health Oliver Veran said that “the vaccination of adolescents will be done using the Pfizer vaccine, adding that it will be carried out on a voluntary basis, with the consent of the parents" however, it is not yet confirmed if both or just one parents consent is required . It was on May 28th that the European Medicines Agency authorized the vaccination of 12-15-year olds with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Possible to postpone second dose - Meanwhile the Health Minister announced the possibility of postponing the second dose of a covid vaccine "in the same centre" during the summer holidays. Veran said that holidays “would be taken into account” and that obtaining the second dose while on holiday should remain “an exception”. Veran pointed out that the government does not for example, expect “doctors and health workers in the Var to vaccinate the entire population” who are in the region during the summer holidays.

Those wishing to travel to Italy for less than 24 hours and who live within 60km will no longer need to present negative  PCR test - A new decree has been introduced in Italy for neighbouring countries which now means that a negative PCR or antigen test of less than 48 hours is no longer required for a trip which does not exceed 24 hours and for those who live within a 60km radius. The announcement was made by the mayor of Ventimiglia Gaetano Scullino. The economic activity of Ventimiglia and San Remo in particular, is very dependent on the flow of people coming from France to shop or go to restaurants.

Cannes Film Festival - Organisers of the Cannes Film Festival will today Thursday 3rd June, present its official selection for this year’s event. Scheduled from July 6th to 17th on the Croisette, the festival will bring together thousands of cinema professionals from around the world. In respect of the current health protocol attendees will be required to present a health pass showing vaccination or a negative PCR covid test.

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