Lunchtime News Thursday 27th January 2022


French President says 1962 shooting in Algeria was unforgivable - French President Emmanuel Macron has told representatives of the Pieds Noirs, the Algerian-born French citizens who fled to France after Algerian independence, that a 1962 shooting by French troops against them was "unforgivable for the republic". Macron stressed the need for "reconciliation" over the Algeria conflict. Macron added that France should "tell the truth even when it's painful", and "bring clarity" even if it had to be "pulled from the shadows".

French MPs approve new law banning so-called gay conversion therapy - MPs in the French parliament have unanimously approved a new law banning so-called gay conversion therapy. The new law will introduce prison sentences and fines for any citizen who attempts to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT+ people. The practice of trying to "convert" LGBT+ people to heterosexuality or traditional gender expectations is scientifically discredited.

Anne Hidalgo to continue race for presidential election - France's Socialist party presidential candidate, Anne Hidalgo, has vowed to continue her campaign despite indications she has no chance of getting through to the second round of the elections in April. Hidalgo, who is mayor of Paris, said she remained the left's best hope of leading France. She said it was too late to heal bitter divisions in the left, accusing rivals, including the Greens, of missing a historic chance to join forces.

Decision on baccalaureate expected by the end of the week - France's Minister of Education is to decide at the end of this week on the fate of baccalaureate tests with several possibilities being considered. A meeting on the issue is scheduled for tomorrow Friday 28th January, between the unions and the government. The tests, which count for 32% of the final baccalaureate mark, must in principle be held between March 14th and 16th. But teachers are worried the effects of the pandemic for students taking the baccalaureate this year. One option being considered is to postpone the exams until May a request of 14 associations, who denounced in a press release an "untenable" schedule all the more disrupted by the pandemic.

Teleworking no longer an obligation from February 2nd in France - From 2nd February in France, teleworking will no longer be an obligation and will become a "recommendation". Speaking to French media this morning Employment Minister Elisabeth Borne confirmed the easing of the restriction, previously announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on January 20th during a press conference.

Teleworking will remain a recommendation but will no longer be an obligation. It will be accompanied by the easing of other measures such as the wearing of masks, which will no longer be mandatory outdoors, and the limitations on the number of people in places open to the public. On Wednesday, January 26th, more than 428,000 cases of covid were identified in 24 hours.

New app in the fight against cyberbullying created in Nice - Created in Nice a new application called "Bodyguard" has been launched to end hateful, sexist and homophobic comments on social networks. The application filters them in real time and contributes to the fight against cyberbullying. Created by 20 year old Charles Cohen and after fundraising 2 million euros the free app is now available. For Cohen, the "internet is a great space for exchanges, where freedom of expression reigns but it is also a web that weaves hatred".

And Finally

A new challenge on TikTok has gathered up to 15 million views. The challenge involves successfully peeling a raw egg with tweezers. The "egg peeling challenge" has fascinated thousands of TikTok users. The concept is simple: using tweezers, you have to successfully remove the entire eggshell without piercing it.

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