Lunchtime News Thursday 23rd September 2021


Prisoner escape during hospital visit - A prisoner in Marseille has managed to escape during a medical visit at a nearby hospital. A young inmate at the Baumettes prison in Marseille escaped around midnight on Wednesday while being admitted to hospital to undergo a medical examination. Once at the hospital, the inmate spoke to a psychiatrist who reportedly did not wish an officer to stay in the room. The inmate then escaped by jumping out of the window. An investigation is underway, the man is still wanted by the police.

New safety law against using mobile phone at the wheel - As France introduced a new road safety law against using mobile phones at the wheel five drivers in the Alpes Maritimes have since had their licenses taken away for at least a month. Previously people using their phone while driving were faced with a €135 fine and at least three points on their licence. Now, motorist also risk having their licence confiscated for up to six months if they are found to have their phone in their hand while committing another offence such as speeding.

Hospitals lacking staff - Health workers in the region have warned that hospital services are at risk of closing in the Alpes Maritimes due to lack of staff. The shortage of caregivers affects almost all public and private hospitals as medical teams warn that the situation is causing a severe deterioration in health care.

Wearing a mask to be lifted from 4th October for some regions of France – Meanwhile as a result of Wednesday’s Health defense council meeting the French government has announced that from Monday, October 4th all school children from CP upwards will no longer be required to wear a mask. The measure will only apply to those regions in France where the incidence rate has been below 50 for 5 consecutive days. The measure will not affect teachers and adults, who will continue to wear the mask in class.

According to the latest figures available, 91 departments have an incidence rate of less than 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and, among them, 41 departments have fallen below the threshold of 50.

Aston Martin unveils upcoming James Bond hybrid supercar at Monaco Yacht Show - Aston Martin is unveiling the upcoming James Bond hybrid supercar at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show which is currently taking place in the Principality. The British manufacturer Aston Martin has chosen the Monaco Yacht Show to unveil, not a boat but its future hybrid supercar, to a handpicked clientele.

The Valhalla at Aston Martin is presented as "the everyday supercar" yet is almost similar to that of an F1 sportscar due to the curves of an all-carbon body. Under the hood, three engines: a 750-horsepower hybrid V8 and two electric motors.

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