Lunchtime News Thursday 23rd December 2021


French President tweets advice in face of fifth wave of covid - French President Emmanuel Macron has in a tweet, advised the French to "take a test ahead of meeting up with family members for Christmas". The tweet published this morning went on to wish "Happy holidays to all" adding "Let's take care of each other". The message comes as France is going through a fifth wave of covid and the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly.

Meanwhile two preliminary studies conducted in the UK have shown that infections with the Omicron variant of covid are less likely to cause hospitalisations compared to the Delta variant. However, it still calls for caution as the high transmission rate of the variant could still cause an increase in severe cases.

On Wednesday Government spokesman Gabriel Attal ruled out any "new restrictions" ahead of Christmas. However, the situation will be reassessed on Monday 27th December.

In other news

Rail line resumes - The railway line which connects Breil-sur-Roya to Ventimiglia has resumed its service, for the first time since storm Alex in October 2020. Eagerly awaited by the inhabitants of the villages the line is essential to participate in the opening up of the valley.

Monaco Palace gives update on the health of HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco - The palace here in Monaco has this morning, released a statement with an update on the health of HSH Princess Charlene in which they state that; the "Princess is recuperating in a satisfactory and reassuring manner, although it may take a few more months before her health has reached full recovery". HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and their children will be able to visit Princess Charlene during the Christmas holidays and once her health is fully restored, she looks very much forward to spending time with the Monegasques. During this period of convalescence, the Princely couple kindly ask that their privacy and family environment remains well respected.

Product recall - Auchan, Carrefour, Spar, Intermarché, Leclerc, Simply, Système U hyper and super have recalled smoked duck breast sold under the brands of "Le Clos Saint-Sozy and Maitres Occitans" due to the risk of listeria. The product was sold between September 15th and December 13th. People who have already consumed the product, may have fever, along with headaches and body aches. They are advised to consult their doctor. If the product is still in the refrigerator, you can take it back to the point of sale or throw it away.

Far-right presidential candidate condemns video - Far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour has "condemned" a video in which two individuals claiming to be his supporters practice shooting and imagine targeting French President Emmanuel Macron and elected far-left officials. Zemmour responded to the videos in a statement saying "You are not part of my supporters, nor my militants, and even less of my friends. I condemn in advance anything you do in my name during my campaign. I don't want your support or your help."

Brigitte Macron to take legal action - France's first lady Brigitte Macron is to take legal action over an internet conspiracy theory claiming that she is a transgender woman and was born male. The wife of French President Emmanuel Macron was targeted on social media by the false claims, after they were published on a far-right website in September then circulated by conspiracy theorists. The rumours claim she was born male under the name Jean-Michel Trogneux. A lawyer for Mrs Macron confirmed she is taking action.






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