Lunchtime News Thursday 14th April 2022


National Rally candidate in Avignon today - National Rally Candidate Marine Le Pen is in Avignon this Thursday evening for one of her biggest campaign rallies. The Vaucluse department largely placed the RN candidate in the lead on the evening of the first round with 29% of the vote, far ahead of the president (22%). This department has a strong symbolic value for the National Rally, firstly because it regularly achieves some of its best national scores there and that several town halls are run by elected members of the party, such as Joris Hébrard, the mayor of Pontet or even Philippe de Beauregard in Camaret-du-Aigues.

Road accident - A collision between several vehicles shortly before 8am in La Garde this morning has caused major traffic jams near the junction on the A57 motorway towards Hyères. Two people were injured in the pile-up and were taken care of by the emergency services.

Three of the five police officers in court - Three of the five municipal police officers from Nice, suspected of a “kidnapping” have been brought before the court. The officers were arrested on Monday April 11th and placed in police custody after a 21-year-old man accused them of “police violence” and “kidnapping”. The officers face a possible 10-year prison sentence and a 150,000 euro fine.

HSH Prince Albert II Monaco tests positive for covid - In a press release published on Wednesday the Prince’s Palace here in Monaco, has announced that HSH Prince Albert has tested positive for covid. It’s the second time that the prince has contracted covid, back in March 2020 he was forced to remain in solitary confinement for several days. According to the Palace “the current state of health is no cause for concern” and Prince Albert will continue to work remotely.

Association One Voice demonstrates - The animal protection association “One Voice” has demonstrated in front of pet shops in Nice which continue to display animals in their shop window, a practice which is now prohibited in France following a law which was adopted at the end of November.




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