Lunchtime News Monday 7th February 2022


Weather warning - Meteo France has issued a yellow weather alert in the Var and an orange alert for north Corsica due to high winds. In the var gusts of 120 km an hour are forecast while certain parts of Corsica could see winds of up to 150km an hour. The alert for the island which is in place today, had been issued on Sunday with winds of 152km an hour being recorded in some places. The warnings are in place until early evening.

Illegal rave - Four people are in police custody in France after a rave party attracted more than 2,000 people over the weekend in Rennes. The ravers used in a disused hangar in an industrial area. The authorities have since invited "all those who participated in the undeclared party to carry out covid screening as soon as possible.

Fire - Some 150 firefighters have been mobilized after a fire broke out at a four storey mansion in the French capital on Sunday. The fire ravaged the mansion which was being renovated at the time. No casualties were reported. An investigation has been opened to determine the cause of the blaze. The whole district on the quay of the Seine was cordoned off and diversions were put in place.

Elegant electric bike to soon be unveiled by Decathlon – Decathlon has developed a connected electric bicycle. The Elops 920e. is equipped with a GPS chip to locate it in the case of theft. The first in France, Decathlon, has decided to offer the Elops 920e Connect, a model at 1,899 euros. The brand will unveil the elegant city bike equipped with a geolocation chip which is connected to the Decathlon Mobility application on February 14th. Wherever it is, the two-wheeler can be located via a map and it’s impossible to remove the chip which is carefully hidden in the frame.

Blabla checkouts - Several retail chains in France are introducing “blabla” checkouts. A place where, unlike automatic checkouts, a customer can enjoy a chitchat and take their time at the till. The idea which was started in the Netherlands was experimented with in France three years ago and now due to its popularity is growing with Carrefour, Auchan and Super U  introducing “blabla checkouts” in their stores. So how does it work? Well, the checkout works like any other only you have all the time you want to chat with the cashier without the customer behind you complaining. Whether it’s a chat about the weather family or personal issues there are no taboos. The checkouts are also popular with cashiers whom see a “new future for their profession” and a way of helping to tackle loneliness and isolation.

Increase in screen time since health crisis - According to a study published today more than half of children have increased their screen time since the health crisis. The study also points to the fact that parents underestimate the risks when using screens. More than 4 out of ten parents (44%) and more than half of children (53%) say they have increased their screen consumption since the start of the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The study carried out by Ipsos showed that computer consumption has increased by 6% since 2019, that of television by 8%, that of smartphones by 11% since 2019 and that of digital tablets by 23%. On the other hand, their game console consumption has fallen by 6% since 2019.

Competition - Britons have launched a competition to make a dessert which will accompany the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the monarch's reign. The goal is to create the perfect pudding, selected by a dedicated jury for the festivities planned for June, which will mark the 70 years of reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The #PlatinumPudding competition has been organized by the London department store Fortnum & Mason, which will market the winning cake during the Jubilee celebrations. The winner will be announced the week of March 14th after several rounds. Some contestants have already shared their creations on social media, along with the hashtag #PlatinumPudding.




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