Lunchtime News Monday 4th October 2021


Weather alert - Météo France has placed the Bouches-du-Rhône on a red “rain-flood” weather alert, the maximum alert level. It’s in place until 6 pm today, Monday, October 4. While the schools had remained open this morning, the prefecture finally called on parents to come and pick up their children, without putting themselves in danger.

The prefectures of Var and Alpes-Maritimes, departments on an orange weather alert, have given the same instructions. However, if parents cannot come on time, the children will be kept safe in the establishments, specifies the prefecture of Var. Three other departments in the South-East are also placed in orange vigilance "rain-flood" and "thunderstorms".

At noon firefighters had intervened 1,500 times since this morning, mainly for flooded roads and cellars. Train traffic is interrupted between Marseille and several cities in the region, including Aix-en-Provence and Avignon, warns SNCF. The TGV is not affected. Emergency services are calling for people to avoid any travel.

Meanwhile the weather forecast for this afternoon and evening puts the Principality of Monaco on yellow alert (rain, wind). As a precautionary measure and in order to facilitate travel for the end of school day , the Prince's Government without closing schools and nurseries, has decided that parents who so wish can come and pick up their child (ren) now.

Children who cannot be looked after by their parents will be looked after in their establishment as usual. In addition, the Prince's Government is asking employers in the private and public sectors to allow early departure from offices and to promote teleworking from the start of the afternoon.

Survey - According to a survey, 74% of French workers say they are in favour of ending the wearing of a mask in the workplace.
If schoolchildren in 47 departments can now withdraw it, this is not yet the case for their parents. The survey also showed that 67% of the employees and agents questioned said they were in favour of the generalization of the health pass. The latter has been made compulsory for employees of establishments open to the public (restaurants, museums, shopping centers, etc.). In addition, 67% of employees say they are in favour of compulsory vaccination for all employees and public officials - some American companies have already taken the plunge.

80% of those questioned say they are reassured by going to work and 83% believe that their employer has protected the workers. Nonetheless, four in ten workers assure that their workload has increased since the start of the health crisis and nearly 60% believe that these efforts have not been sufficiently rewarded.

Algeria - The French army has said that Algeria has banned French military planes from flying over its territory. The move comes a day after Algeria recalled its ambassador from Paris, accusing France of unacceptable interference in its affairs. Algeria said it was responding to comments attributed to President Emmanuel Macron by a French newspaper. He was quoted as saying the former French colony was ruled by a "political-military system" with an official history that was based not on truth, but on hatred of France.








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