Lunchtime News Monday 27th December 2021


British man assaults flight attendant on Air France flight - A 28-year-old British man, reportedly under the influence of alcohol has assaulted a flight attendant on an Air France Amsterdam-Paris flight. The incident occurred on Sunday when the man, quite drunk, violently pushed the flight attendant, touched her buttocks, after triggering the anti-smoke system of the aircraft and urinating on the plane. The captain requested the assistance of the police when the aircraft landed at Orly airport. After taking all the passengers out, the police arrested the young British drunk who insulted the police during his arrest. He was first placed in a sobering cell before being taken into custody.

Health Defense Council meeting to be held today to discuss and decide on new measures in the run-up to New Year's Eve - The French government is to hold a new Health Defense Council meeting today Monday 27th December, to discuss and decide on certain measures to help curb the fifth wave of covid in the run up to New Year's Eve. While reported to be highly unlikely, the council will discuss the possibility of extending the school holidays and the possibility of a curfew on December 31st. On Saturday, Public Health France announced 100,000 new infections of covid in 24 hours, an absolute record since the beginning of the health crisis.

A new version of the health pass could be introduced requiring a negative covid test even for vaccinated people. A new measure could also see the isolation period for the new Omicron covid variant in France, which currently stands at 17 days, be shortened and finally also on the table for discussion will be the Health Pass for companies in France.

Monaco - In Monaco 96 new cases of covid were identified over the holiday weekend bringing the total number of residents affected, since the beginning of the health crisis to 4,766. Thirty people are currently in hospital and 298 are being followed by the Home Monitoring Centre.

Delivery of Pfizer vaccines to the Alpes Maritimes - And with the Alpes Maritimes suffering a shortage of Pfizer vaccines the Ministry of Health has announced a delivery of 31,590 doses of Pfizer on January 9th, the largest delivery to the region since September 12th. Many in the region going for their booster jab have been offered the Moderna vaccine instead, which is recommended by the High Health Authority in France for those over 30.